Whoa! White Texas Mayor Tells Latino Councilman "Speak Up, Boy," Claims Remark Wasn't Racist

This ish cray. Last week, Johnny Isbell, the mayor of Pasadena, Texas, told Latino Councilman Cody Ray Wheeler to "speak up, boy" during a council meeting.

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Considering the racist history of white people referring to men of color as “boy,” there was some unsurprising backlash to the comment, starting with Wheeler himself. After the exchange, he told Isbell that his remark was disrespectful and asked him not to refer to him as "boy" again.

While the mayor initially took Wheeler's defense as a threat, the next day he issued an apology. However, though he noted that the comment was "inappropriate," he claims it was not racist.

"Having spent years involved in sports and coaching and in the military, saying 'hurry up, boy' is simply something that you might say to expedite an action," Isbell told the Houston Chronicle. "It's a term I have used with friends and with family. I was not trying to disparage anyone in any way."

Wheeler, however, is not convinced. "I felt where it came from," he told the newspaper. "I think for him, the damage is done. I think people are just really, really tired of him."

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Watch the whole thing in the video above.