Mother Gives Up Her Adopted Son from South America

Anita Tedaldi always knew she wanted to adopt a child. She had five biological daughters and deeply valued the time she spent growing up amid her large family in Italy. So, Tidaldi did the research and went through a thorough screening process before bringing home "D", an infant she adopted from South America.

It was impossible to know his exact age because he had been found left on the side of the road, but Tedaldi's pediatrician estimated the baby to be just shy of 1 year old. D exhibited some predictable developmental delays and health problems, as well as coprophagia, or eating one’s own feces. About six months after bringing him home, Tedaldi began to notice that D wasn't attaching to members of the family. Her own daughters were indifferent to D's presence in the house and the infant rarely reacted or responded to his new adoptive mother. But Tedaldi knew it wasn't all D's fault; she admits that she "wasn’t connecting with him on the visceral level I experienced with my biological daughters."

Eighteen months after first bringing D home, Tedaldi gave him up. D eventually wound up with another family who had adopted a boy with problems similar a few years earlier.

Tedaldi's story has caused quite the controversy, with some accusing her of being irresponsible or not trying hard enough to make her adoption work. While other applaud Tedaldi for her courage and the strength she demonstrated in making the best decision she could for the child.

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