7 Apps That Can Help You Practice Spanish

As Latinos, people often expect us to know how to speak our native tongue, but what happens when you don't? Or if you know some, but want to spruce up your skills? We found the perfect answer through these seven non-expensive and fun apps that will have you speaking Spanish before you know it. Check 'em out!

1. apps 01 wwf

Words with Friends

On August 21, Zynga (the company behind the app), launched an international version of the game which offers seven new languages, including Spanish. Words with Friends users are now able to play the game in whichever language they choose and practice their language skills.

Available via: Apple App Store, Google Play, Facebook & Amazon

2. apps 02 Busuu

Learn Spanish with Busuu!

This makes learning Spanish on the go super easy! A free app, Busuu offers a vocabulary of over 3,000 words and key phrases from beginner to intermediate levels. It's the only language learning app that offers users an opportunity to have their written exercises corrected by native speakers.

Available via: Apple App Store, Google Play & busuu.com

3. apps 03 ConjuVerb


This app allows users to look up any Spanish verb in its conjugated form, while also displaying its English translation. It includes a flash card mode to allow user to test their knowledge.

Available via: Apple App Store

4. apps 04 MindSnacks


Considered one of the best educational apps of the year, MindSnacks teaches vocabulary, context, grammar and tons more to help transform you into a Spanish speaking pro in no time!

Available via: Apple App Store


5. apps 05 SayHi

SayHi Translate

With this app, it'll seem as if you're walking around with an interpreter everywhere you go. The app includes voice translations for over two dozen languages, including Spanish.

Available via: Apple App Store, Google Play & sayhitranslate.com


6. apps 06 Spanish Advanced

Spanish Advanced - Now You're Fluent

This free app is for those who know Spanish un poquito, but want to become fluent. The purpose of Spanish Advanced is to enable users to "talk their way through" nearly every situation in life using the Spanish language.

Available via: Apple App Store, Amazon & NowYoureFluent.com

7. apps 07 Learn Spanish 24/7

Learn Spanish 24/7

Who needs to hire a tutor when you can download this app for free? The language lab gives users the opportunity to engage and immerse themselves in the Spanish language with the help of interactive study tools.

Available via: Apple App Store