10 Things the New iPhone Will Do For You

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone designs on Tuesday. The company says the new phone features some of the biggest changes made to the iPhone since the very first one launched in 2007. And this time around, Apple released two versions of their new iPhone -- iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S -- to give consumers even more options. 

Planning on buying? Here are 10 things you need to know about the new iPhone:

1. It comes with the new iOS 7 software which makes it easier for users to multitask and keep organized. The iOS 7 features the capability to automatically organize all photos into several different categories. Other features include iTunes Radio, AirDrop, Notification Center and Control Center.

2. The iPhone 5C comes in five gorgeous colors -- blue, pink, green, white and yellow -- to accomodate your heart's aesthetic desires. And the iPhone 5S comes in gold, silver and space gray.

3. With the iPhone 5S you can forget about having to create a passcode because this newbie features a TouchID fingerprint identity sensor to unlock the phone.

4. Both iPhones include a longer battery life of up to two hours more than the iPhone 4S.

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