5 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe on Social Media


We can all learn a thing or two about Kim Kardashian's terrifying Paris incident.

The reality TV star was reportedly robbed at gunpoint while in her hotel room after attackers were able to track her location due to Snapchat posts — mostly a result of what many say is "over sharing." So what is over sharing, and how do we draw the line between public and private content? Thanks to the invention of smartphones and social media, we are connected to each other in every way possible, especially on Snapchat, where it is an around the clock hub of personal shares. But maybe it's time to get back to basics and think about how this could (and for some already, sadly, has) impact our safety.

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Here are five ways to keep yourself safe on social media:

1. Revealing the location of your home is a 10000% no-no. The idea of checking-in places seems fun, but you never know who is watching. Never share the exact dates of your vacation, criminals are using social media now to monitor your every move.

2. Your phone number should stay personal. Anyone can track you using absolute black market applications.

3. Financial information such as personal bank statements, or even a picture of the individual holding money, can give criminals a motive to commit a crime against you.

4. Consciously think about how you expose your children to the internet. Providing information about your child may be later used to harm them.

5. Screenshots of personal conversations aren’t best. Keep in mind if you screen grabbed it, you never know who else did, too.