5 Hotspots for Carnival Celebrations!

The biggest parties around the world are about to kick off, because it is time for Carnival. While in some places people have been celebrating in preparation for months now, festivities begin in earnest this coming weekend and culminate on Fat Tuesday, February 12, though many continue the partying afterward, too. A number of destinations in Latin America go all-out to celebrate Carnival, with multiple generations coming out for the merrymaking. In many places, the Monday and Tuesday of Carnival also are designated as national holidays. 

From Trinidad to Brazil, Carnival is the year’s most anticipated event for locals, and scores of tourists also are drawn to the destinations to celebrate alongside them. Each place has its own, history, culture and customs incorporated into the festivities, which make it one of the most interesting – not to mention fun – times to visit. Here is where to go, what to do and what to know for Carnival in Latin America. If you don’t make it this year, there always is next year!

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