When I bought my first car this month, I found out that I had a lot of preconceived notions about certain cars and models that were completely out of date. Like Hybrids are ugly, bigger cars are safer and small cars have no room. Here’s the first thing I learned:

Hybrids are Hot

As a fashion stylist, it’s pretty clear that I am more glam than granola in my approach to everything. I guess I had always thought of hybrids as a good idea but not necessarily for me.  I really never understand what they did or how they worked and thought of them as pretty utilitarian. 

When I started looking at the Toyota Prius v, I found out that hybrids are sweet – totally cool in how they work, how they look and what they do for the environment.  Plus, they get almost 44 miles per gallon*.  I also like that the Prius v is fashion-forward and a trendsetter just like me!

Now I know the hybrid is the only car of car I will ever buy.

Check me out each month for more Latina car buying lessons. Next month see how I learned that size truly matters….

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*2012 EPA=estimated 44 city/40 hwy mileage.  Actual mileage may vary.