Words That Don’t Exist In Spanish But Are Frequently Used


If you’re a Latino or Latina who was raised in the U.S., chances are you’ve made up a Spanish word—or two! But hey, that’s totally okay.

We’ve all slapped an “-iar” or “-io” at the end of an English word and pretended it was Spanish.  Ultimately, some of these conflated words stick, and after a few generations, we forget that those words aren’t really part of the Spanish language!

Take a look at some of our favorite made up Spanish words and let us know if you’ve ever been guilty of using them! 

Chequear: To check

Go ahead and chequeate el diccionario for the word “chequear.”  We have a feeling you won’t be able to find it in either the English or Spanish dictionary. The correct words, depending on the sentence, are comprobar or verificar.

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