Marc Anthony’s New Album 'Vivir Mi Vida': 5 Things We Love About It

It’s been nearly a decade since Marc Anthony put out a salsa album, so Latina was extremely excited to attend a special listening party for his upcoming release, “Vivir Mi Vida” at Miami’s Viceroy Hotel last night. Here are the 5 things we love about Marc’s new album.


1. A new album means a new tour right?! Marc didn’t announce any plans for hitting the road in support of “Vivir Mi Vida” just yet, but things might change after the album hits stores in July.


2. Tito El Bambino showed a “refreshing sensibility” when he penned the bachata tune, “Dime Si No Es Verdad”. Marc sings a beautiful salsa version for the album and George considers it his favorite track off the whole album. The piano intro sets the tone for the melodically sweet tune that will have couples dancing close on the dance floor.

This song is the strongest contender to be the second single to be released off the album.


3. The title track, “Vivir Mi Vida” is going to be the first single to be released this Friday after he performs it live at the Latin Billboard Awards. But when it came down to choosing the second release, Marc jokingly selected every single one of the remaining tracks on the album.

If Marc loves it that much, you can bet fans will love it as well!


4. Marc’s re-teaming with super producer Sergio George guarantees this album will have you moving your feet from your living room to the dance floor. With the duo’s previous collaborations including 1993’s “Otra Nota” and 1995’s “Todo A Su Tiempo” they spawned hits including “Hasta Que Te Conoci”, “Te Conozco Bien” and “Se Me Sigue Olvidando”, amongst others. This album has chart-topping potential sprinkled throughout including “Volver A Comenzar” and “Espera”.


5. It’s no secret that Marc has had a pretty complex personal life throughout the last ten years and “Vivir Mi Vida” marks a new chapter in the life of the Puerto Rican star. As the title implies, Marc is ready to “live his life” and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by going back to his roots as a salsero.

“This album represents where I am in my life right now and the arrangements represent all that I’ve learned throughout the years,” Marc said.

You made audiences wait a long time Marc pero “valio la pena”!