Mexican Authorities Confirm Jenni Rivera's Plane Plunged 28,000 Feet

Each day new details are surfacing about the tragic plane crash that claimed the life of Jenni Rivera, and six other passengers, on December 9th in Northern Mexico. Mexican authorities have confirmed that the LearJet 25 plunged 28,000 feet and crashed at a speed that may have surpassed 600 miles per hour.

The plane carrying the regional Mexican singer, which was built in 1969, lost contact with air traffic controllers ten minutes after the plane took flight shortly after 3:00am. “The plane practically nose-dived. The impact must have been terrible,” said official Gerardo Ruiz Esparza to a Mexican radio station, reports the Associated Press.

According to NBC Latino, aviation safety expert, John Goglia, believes that a failure of the flight controls may have caused a crash of this magnitude to occur. However, officials have yet to confirm what officially caused this tragic accident. An investigation with the National Transportation Safety Board is currently underway.