EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Underwood Talks 'Death Clique' & Being Latina In Hollywood

Brittany Underwood at the Imagen Awards
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Brittany Underwood is ready to go dark. Acting-wise that is. The Colombian-American actress is starring in a new Lifetime movie Death Clique, which is as creepy as it sounds.  Based on a true story, Death Clique follows a friendship rivalry between three high school students. When one of the girls turns up dead, her mother becomes determined to find out what happened and get justice for her daughter. 

We caught up with the actress and singer to chat about this crazy role, her volunteer work and why she never gets cast as a Latina. Read it all below!

Can you tell us about your upcoming movie, Death Clique

Lexi Ainsworth [and I] play best friends, and a new girl comes to town played by Tina Ivlev. She wants to become part of our group, but mainly, she wants to be my best friend. So she, you know, does some manipulation and tries to get my best friend out of the picture. I mean, it's called Death Clique, which I feel kind of gives it away! But, it does get really crazy. Then, the mom of my best friend, she tries to figure everything out and tries to understand what happened when she goes missing. So, it's kind of a crazy story. It's so typical of Lifetime, which I love! All my friends are like, 'Oh, I would watch that movie even if you weren't in it!' Because they just love the crazy Lifetime movies. 

And it's based on a true story? 

Yeah! It's crazy. We weren't allowed to give the names of the people, because we changed a lot of things. But, the fact that something like that could happen -- where these girls get tired of someone, and kill a girl and don't say anything about it for months. I was so shocked, because when I first read the script, I said, "No! No way! This isn't believable! This would never happen! This is so crazy." And then, they told me, "No, it's based on a true story!"

I was shocked that this could even happen -- that girls could get to this level. Young girls. When you hear these kinds of stories, you just picture the menacing bad guy. You don't ever expect it to be young teenage girls, you know? 

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