EXCLUSIVE: Jasmine Villegas Talks Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer Tour & Upcoming EP

Jasmine Villegas arrives on the red carpet at the 2014 Sports Spectacular Gala
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Being that you are part Mexican, do you think that you will ever do a Spanish album or maybe like a few Spanish songs?

Oh of course definitely! Definitely being half Mexican I feel like I have a lot of amazing supporters. I feel like being able to sing in Spanish and talk in Spanish and to be able to put out that kind of music would be great, it’s definitely on my to-do list for sure.

You’re headlining the Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer tour, what are you most looking forward to about that?

Oh my goodness, I am so excited! I’m kicking off the Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer tour and the first show is going to be my show in House of Blues in L.A. I’m super excited, it’s a great experience. It’s my first time being able to perform my new songs live and have all my fans come out to see me on June 25th. I’m just super excited! I already told all my friends, I made sure everybody was aware. I’ve been tweeting it and it’s been a great feeling. And it’s like a test point to see if my fans like my new music, if they’re rocking with it.

I’ve been in rehearsals all week. I actually have a 6-hour rehearsal today from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock at night. So I’m excited I can’t wait, it’s going to be a great experience, and I’m just happy I had the opportunity to do it.

That’s great. How do you think you’re going to feel being out there and not in a studio singing?

To be honest, it’s crazy, because I haven’t really performed in a while since I didn’t have any new music. I’ve always been in the studio hiding away from everybody. To be able to go out again and perform…performing is actually one of my favorite parts when it comes to being a singer entertainer. It’s different than being in rehearsal when you’re rehearsing in the mirror with your dancers and you just focus learning the routine. Actually being on stage in front of everybody performing, it’s like a different feeling comes over you. It’s almost like you forgot the whole routine—not necessarily the routine, but you just forget about thinking so much and it’s more about having fun and interacting with the crowd. I’m excited about it.

Cool. So is there anyone in the industry that you would love to collaborate with?

Yes, actually I would love to collaborate with Alicia Keys. She’s always been one of my favorite singers since I was younger. When my dad introduced me to YouTube when I was little, the first video I watched on YouTube was the Alicia Keys video. Ever since then she has been my inspiration. I’ve never met her and I really want to, so if I did, that would probably be the first thing I would say; hey you wanna do a song?

Yeah, she’s amazing.

And she’s so beautiful.

That would be amazing! Do you have a message you want to send out to your fans?

Yeah! I mean I want them to come to the show. It’s a free show. It’s going to be fun; it’s going to be great. We are going to be adding different elements to the show, you know, some acoustics, some piano playing, some routine…a couple people coming up to do duets. It’s going to be a fun great show. It’s going to be people like Leslie Grace too, so I think it would be great for people to go and check them out. If they want to get the free tickets they should go to poptartscrazygood.com and make sure they RSVP and get all that good stuff because it’s going to be fun and I want them to come out there.