Rebel Music: Nacho Uses Spotify's Playlist to Speak Out Against The Venezuelan Government


Spotify is giving Latino activists the opportunity to speak truth to power.

Nacho, of the singing group Chino & Nacho, is one of many Latino activists sharing their stories via Spotify’s Soundtrack de Mi Vida playlist.

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Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti—aka Nacho—posted a playlist calling attention to the anti-government protests in Venezuela and the lack of faith in presidente Nicolás Maduro.

This isn’t Nacho’s first time speaking out against the current political climate and the food and medical shortages in his home county. And his voice continues to grow louder as his ability to travel to Venezuela has been restricted.

“The people need to know, firstly, that there is no freedom in Venezuela,” Nacho told mitú. “It needs to be clear to everybody that there is no democracy in Venezuela. If we are clear on that then there is hope.”

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Nacho also told the outlet that this collaboration with Spotify is especially meaningful because protest songs aren’t allowed on the radio in his homeland, but it has influenced many artists to drop music rebel music anyway.  

Check out the playlist, including Nacho's “Valiente,” which is dedicated to Venezuelan youths.