NYX Professional Makeup Launches Beautifully Diverse Foundation Collection

Photo Courtesy of Rosy Cordero

NYX Professional Makeup is hardly the first brand to launch a collection of diverse foundations, but they are a leader in the mass market production of affordable formulas. The fan favorite brand is launching their 'Can't Stop Won't Stop' featuring 45 shades of full coverage foundation on Thursday and we have the scoop behind the line backed by beauty influencer Alissa Ashley.

Now, more than ever, consumers are seeking brands that prioritize inclusivity— which is in large part due to today’s top influencers speaking up about a lack of shade diversity," said Nathalie Kristo, Global Brand President at NYX Professional Makeup, told Latina.com.

"NYX Professional Makeup is a digitally native brand, and our diverse community has always been important to us. With touchpoints across social media, influencers, and professional makeup artists, we’ve been listening to consumers and putting their feedback and expertise at the forefront of our product development efforts since the beginning. "


Ashley championed the efforts behind NYX Professional Makeup creating a collection that catered to as many people as possible. Kristo explained that it was thanks to Ashley's expertise that the brand worked to find the perfect tonal variations most brands have missed.

This is great news for the Latinx community since our skintones include every shade from Pale to Deep Ebony.

"Finding shades that will suit any majority is difficult, but not impossible," Kristo explained. "Teaming up with Alissa made all the difference because she has such a large audience and can speak to the audience’s feedback, as well as her own personal experiences.

It’s important to take everyone into consideration when developing new products. Just because a certain formula or shade works for one person, or even the majority, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone."

And if you happy to be lucky enough to favor Ashley's gorgeous skintone, she shares exactly which shade to buy.

"I wear shade 15.9, Warm Honey," she told Latina.com "I know a lot of people use me as a shade reference. So whatever shade I get, I know a lot of people say, “OK, I’m looking at you for my color,” so they go and get it and it works out for them.

Honestly, I would just say refer to your favorite influencer because I know everyone is going to be trying out this foundation, so you can refer to them to figure out what shade is for you."