Love Your Leftovers! 15 Latin Recipes to Try Tonight

Niños Envueltos: Cabbage Rolls with Rice and Ground Meat Filling
Tamara Lukens

Sure, mami always said you had to clear your plate, but leaving just a little bit for later is so much better! Sorry, mom.

We admit that taking home leftovers and eating them the next morning (or later that night) with an egg on top is the easiest way to love your leftovers, but why not make a completely different bonus meals out of the scraps you have left instead. And since the food is already cooked, your work is halfway done. Just add a couple ingredients and some creativity to really get your money’s worth.

There’s always extra rice lying around, so treat yourself to cheesy Jalapeño Rice Fritters! Couldn’t finish your grilled chicken? Say hello to Red Mole Chicken Enchiladas! Did you prove no match for that side of potatoes? Then make a delicious Four Cheese Gnocchi! Now doesn’t that sound better than just reheating in the microwave? We thought so... Click on for more creative twists on yesterday’s meals with our 15 Latin Leftovers Recipes to try tonight!

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