Reebok Just Launched the Sports Bra of Your Dreams

Photos Courtesy of Reebok

If you have a variety of sports bras taking up space in your drawers, you're not alone. Thanks to sports brand Reebok, you might finally be able to scale back to one magical sports bra that promises the control and support you need when you need it.

The Reebok PureMove Bra is the result of the brand's three-year journey to create the perfect sports bra that would not only raise the bar but reset it all together!

So what's so special about this bra? It comes equipped with Reebok's motion sense technology that can tell the amount of impact the wearer needs based on their activity level.

According to a press release, "[The] fabric technology adapts and responds accordingly to the body’s shape, velocity of breast tissue, and both type and force of movement. 

The end result gives wearers a bra that stretches less with high impact movements while providing the comfort and light support that one would desire during rest and lower intensity activities."

What this translates to is consumers should no longer need to buy sports bras based on the impact of your exercise. Say what? The PureMove bra can take exercise fans--- and those who simply tolerate it--- from yoga to the gym, hiking, and back again.

Other benefits of this magical new sports bra include: breathable perforations to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, natural shaping for "second-skin" fit, and a minimalist construction comprised of seven unique pieces of fabric.

Reebok's PureMove Bra is currently on sale in sizes XS-XL/XXL for $60 exclusively on their website

A representative for the brand confirms this is only the first wave of bras to be unveiled. Stay tuned for plus sized versions of the PureMove bra to be released in the future.