8 Latina Erotica Books to Check Out
8 Latina Erotica Books to Check Out
By Tanisha Ramirez | 09/07/2013 - 11:00

The success of Chilean-British author E.L. James’ erotic trilogy 50 Shades of Grey has paved the way for the second coming of erotic fiction. It used to be that such novels were kept hidden under pillows, in underwear drawers, and atop hard-to-reach bookshelves, but these days, women (and men!) are brazenly consuming erotic fiction wherever and whenever they desire!

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Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer
Alexis Bledel & Matt Bomer Named as Top Picks for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Recasting
By Priscilla Rodriguez | 09/05/2013 - 09:30

Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey are not feliz!

According to Us Weekly, Monday's casting news has not been taken very well and fans have launched an online petition demanding a recasting for the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

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Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam
Guess Who Was Cast in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?
By Priscilla Rodriguez | 09/03/2013 - 11:50

One of the most highly anticipated casting announcements has finally been made.

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50 Shades of Grey & Bondage 101
10 Sex Toys to Finally Try Out That ’50 Shades of Grey’ Fantasy
By Irina Gonzalez | 06/14/2013 - 11:49

Have you read the 50 Shades of Grey books and secretly fantasized about trying something a little bit kinky with your man? Well, you’re not the only one. There’s a reason why the books became best sellers and are soon being made into a movie.

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Ryan Guzman and Selena Gomez
Latinos We Think Should Star in '50 Shades of Grey'
By Sugey Palomares | 08/28/2012 - 18:00

E. L. James' rated-R trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey, continues to excite and thrill fans as the casting for the upcoming adaption is still a Hollywood mystery. We have our own fantasies of which Latino actors should star in the racy flick! Find out our top picks below and let us know which couple is your favorite!

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Selena Gomez in Funny or Die's Fifty Shades of Blue
WATCH: Selena Gomez Makes Fun of “Fifty Shades of Grey”
By Samantha Leal | 05/22/2012 - 15:02

Fifty Shades of Grey, the erotic book series that has everyone abuzz lately with its (almost comical) sexy story and controlling character, Christian Grey, was begging for a parody. And apparently, Selena Gomez was up for the challenge.

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