TK Celebrities With One Latino Parent
16 Celebrities With One Latino Parent
By Priscilla Rodriguez | 01/27/2015 - 14:15

Halfsies get love too!

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Aubrey Plaza Spoofs Big Brands for Hilarious Newcastle Ad
Aubrey Plaza Spoofs Big Brands for Hilarious Newcastle Ad
By Cristina Arreola | 01/14/2015 - 09:44

Aubrey Plaza wants your brand to band together with her brand in order to create the world's best Super Bowl commercial (as long as it mostly benefits her brand.)

In a viral advertisement for Newcastle Brown Ale, Plaza, 30, rallies for smaller brands who can't afford to purchase those uber-expensive Super Bowl commercials.

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Aubrey Plaza Talks Grumpy Cat Movie: It's A Gift to America
Aubrey Plaza Talks Grumpy Cat Movie: It's A Gift to America
By Samantha Leal | 11/12/2014 - 05:34

If you're not aware (shame on you), the famous Grumpy Cat is coming to the small screen thanks to Lifetime.

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Lifetime Grumpy Cat Movie Voice Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza Set to Star in 'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever'
By Cristina Arreola | 09/18/2014 - 09:51

And the voice of Grumpy Cat is..

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Sara Ramirez and Naya Rivera
Latinas on Screen: 7 Roles That Broke the Stereotype
By Cristina Arreola | 06/29/2014 - 10:00

We all know the stereotype: Latinas are maids. Latinas speak with an accent.

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Aubrey Plaza at The To Do List screening
10 Things You Never Knew About Aubrey Plaza
By Cristina Arreola | 06/26/2014 - 14:33

Happy 30th Birthday, Aubrey Plaza

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Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza
6 Funny Best Friend Moments
By Cristina Arreola | 05/16/2014 - 15:48

Do you have a favorite memory with your best friends? It's probably hard to choose just one -- great friendships are filled with moments that leave you beaming with joy, crying from laughing, and (sometimes) smiling through the pain.

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Penelope Cruz and Michael Fassbender in The Counselor
Orgasm Scenes: 5 Actresses Faking It On Screen
By Latina Staff | 05/13/2014 - 14:51

Ouch. Did you know that 80 percent of women fake orgasms at least half the time they have vaginal intercourse?

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12 Latinos You Never Knew Starred In Your Favorite Show
12 Latino Stars You Never Knew Were in Your Favorite Shows
By Cristina Arreola | 04/17/2014 - 13:50

When you turn on the TV, do you often wish that there were more Latino faces on screen? We do, too! But, we were shocked to find out that some of our favorite shows already had Latino stars. 

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