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10 (Airbnb) Vacation Villas That'll Inspire Your European Adventure This Summer
10 Villas That'll Inspire A European Adventure This Summer

The Euro is equal to the dollar for the first time in, well, we're not sure how long, but it means taking a European summer getaway is more realistic than ever. With options for every budget, Airbnb has become a go-to for travelers abroad who want to steer clear of European hotels — which have a reputation for being overpriced and underwhelming — while capturing the charming nature of cities like Valencia and Lisbon in an authentic way.

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13 Kinds of Sex Every Couple Needs to Have

By AOL Health for
What sexual frontiers have you and your partner yet to explore?

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The Good Life with Crafty Chica: Cinco de Mayo
The Good Life with Crafty Chica: 8 Chic Items for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is on the horizon, and the cheesy plastic party decorations are popping up everywhere. While its not a widely celebrated holiday in Mexico, it sure is here in the U.S. The fact is people from all ethnic backgrounds and upbringings love Mexi-style all year round! All it takes is perusing the interwebs to find a healthy list of Mexican designers and shops selling classy Latinocentric wares.
I present to you what I call Cinco Chic! Jewelry, accessories, home decor goodies and not a maraca or sombrero in sight:

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Things Happen Body During Pregnancy
9 Weird (But Totally Normal) Things That Happen During Pregnancy

Most moms knows that weird things happen during pregnancy. For those of you on baby number one (or those of you who had an easy first pregnancy!) learn more about the weird, wacky, occasionally gross (but totally normal) things that can happen to your body during pregnancy: 
MORE: Breastfeeding Makes Us Horny? A New Study Says...

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5 Surprising Side Effects of Botox
5 Surprising Side Effects of Botox

It seems as though you can hardly discuss a celebrity without discussing their beauty regimen and go-to procedures. While some swear by makeup and skincare routines, other opt for injections, such as botox.

Botox is tempting, considering the wrinkle-free brows and taut skin we often see on women’s faces. But what happens when everything doesn’t go as planned? One can expect minor side effects, but we’re taking a look at the surprising and unexpected things that can happen post-injection:

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Same Word, Different Meanings! 7 Spanish Terms To Think Twice Before Saying
Same Word, Different Meanings! 7 Spanish Terms to Use Wisely

Better think twice: some of these Spanish words mean something completely innocent in one country — and something vulgar in another. Every country has their own unique slang and variations, so take a peek, and share your own in the comments: 
MORE: 8 Mexican Slang Words To Know

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6 Things Men Have Said That Make Women Cringe
6 Things Men Have Said That Make Women Cringe

It's no secret that men and women don't always see eye-to-eye. We fight with our significant others, bicker with family members, or have a difference of opinion with co-workers. But sometimes, men say things to women that are degrading enough to get us heated in the worst way.

This isn't a feminist outcry; it's an effort to put a stop to the disrespectful things men think, feel, and say against women. Check out six things men have said that make women cringe:

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TIME 100 Latino Figures
6 Latinos On Time's Most Influential People In The World

TIME released the annual 100 Most Influential People In The Worldand innovators, titans, and icons like Kanye West, the Koch Brothers and Hillary Clinton nabbed spots on the list.

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6 Places Where You Should Never Have Sex
6 Places You Should Never, Ever Have Sex!

If you've been with your hombre a long time, sex can often feel like a routine, so the desire to spice things up is often very tempting. One way people try to do this is by finding various different locations outside the bedroom to get it on. Sure it's exciting to get naked and do it Doggy Style against the stove, but it isn't necessary. Making love outside of the bedroom can sometimes be uncomfortable (and dangerous!), so let's keep things simple, shall we?
Here are six places to avoid when having sex:

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The Good Life with Crafty Chica: Mother's Day Gift Guide
The Good Life with Crafty Chica: 12 Awesome Gifts for Every Mami

It happens every year: Mother’s Day pops up on our radar and our beloved matriarch says, “Don’t worry about buying me a gift, I have everything I need!” I’m telling you right now, don’t fall for that! Not only do you want to score the perfect present, but you want her to absolutely love it. The key to success is taking time to really think about her personality. Remember, get her something that will make her happy, not what you think she needs.

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