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Racists Getting Fired Crazy Stories
5 Crazy Stories From 'Racists Getting Fired'

WARNING: This post contains graphic language and imagery. Proceed at your own caution.
Is this the ultimate karma?
A new Tumblr called Racists Getting Fired has one very simple mission: to get racists fired. The site tracks down racists on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, screenshots their comments, then posts them to their site. The site then publicly shames the racists, and asks concerned Internet users to call their places of employment and report them. 

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Spanish Words We Wish They’d Add to the Dictionary
Spanish Words We Wish They’d Add to the Dictionary recently added more than 1,000 new words to its free online dictionary. The editors at the dictionary add words based on popular culture and thorough research of word trends.  It’s no surprise, then, that some of the words added include hawt, man crush, and duck face, and abbreviations such as IDC (I don’t care) and jel (jealous).

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TK Home Remedies Every Latino Swears By
10 Home Remedies Every Latino Swears By

It's officially cold and flu season, but before you stock up on Sudafed, NyQuil, and Halls, ask your tia or abuela for their favorite, all-natural cure. Their answers may surprise you! 
Check out these 10 Latino home remedies, and add your own in the comments: 
READ: 7 foolproof Latin American hangover cures!

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7 Things to Know About Anal Sex
7 Things to Know About Anal Sex

In a recent episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri accused her beau, Danny, of trying to enter through her backdoor. Yes, he wanted to have anal sex. Mindy freaked and with good reason. Anal sex is a deeply (pun intended) intimate act. The butthole is where something (ahem) comes out of, not where you generally want something to go in. Not to mention, it can be painful. Not to mention, it harps on insecurities.

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Latino Artists To Know
10 Latino Artists To Know

When it comes to Latin American art, most people immediately think of Frida Kahlo. While Kahlo certainly contributed to the rise of Latinos (and women) in art, she is joined by countless Mexican, Colombian, Dominicans, Cubans and more who have contributed some of the most beautiful, controversial, thought-provoking works of art existing today. 

From Fernando Botero to Jean-Michel Basquiat, here are 10 Latino artists to know. 

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7 Gifts That Give Back
Make a Difference: 7 Gifts That Give Back

It’s Giving Back Tuesday (#GivingTuesday), a day dedicated to gifts that make a difference. Make sure your holiday presents are making an even bigger impact this year with these great picks: 
PLUS: Holiday gifts for the celebrity enthusiast!

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5 Most Offensive Restaurant Names
6 Most Offensive Restaurant Names

Would you eat a restaurant called Illegal Pete's? How about Bandidos?
When it came to naming their establishments, these owners might have benefitted from an outside opinion. Check it out: these are the six most offensive restaurant names, ever. 
MORE: Racism might actually make you die earlier.

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13 Gifts For The Tequila Lover In Your Life
12 Gifts For The Tequila Lover In Your Life

Love tequila... or know someone who does? We're not talking about the friend who takes one-too-many shots every Christmas and passes out before the gift exchange. We're talking about the friend who cherishes the taste, smell, and history of tequila. 
This year, give your tequila-loving friends a gift they can use to indulge in their passion. Whether they like their drink of choice blanco or añejo, served neat or with limón y sal, or poured in a margarita or a tequila sunrise, we guarantee they'll love these 13 tequila-inspired presents: 

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8 Foods to Avoid Before Locking Lips
8 Foods to Avoid Before Locking Lips

Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence – sounds like an unbeatable hottie combo for an onscreen kiss in the new Hunger Games movie. Hemsworth revealed, however, that the kiss was “uncomfortable” because of Lawrence’s garlic breath. Cute? Not so much.

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