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The 20 Most Amazing Things You Need To Do Before The Summer Ends
The 20 Most Amazing Things You Need To Do Before The Summer Ends

Labor Day is right around the corner, and with it, the end to the warmer weather and the relaxing pace of the summer season. But before that happens, you better do these amazing things to make your summer a great one. Time's running out!

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15 Influential Venezuelans in Honor of Venezuela’s Independence Day

July 5, 2013 commemorates the 202nd anniversary of Venezuela’s independence. In honor of this glorious day, we’ve rounded up 15 influential Venezuelans throughout history:

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Eva Longoria and her parents at the Over Her Dead Body premiere
9 Latinos Whose Families Arrived Before July 4, 1776

Listening to the immigration debate, you could easily get the idea that all Latinos are newcomers to this country. Nothing could be further from the truth. Latinos have had a presence in this land for 500 years, and the proof is not just in Spanish place names like Nevada and Colorado or in the fact that the oldest city in America (St. Augustine, Florida) was founded by the Spanish, but in the stories of Latino families nationwide.

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Angel Reyes at the 2013 Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City
An Inside Look at NYC's Puerto Rican Day Parade!

It seemed as though everyone was Puerto Rican on Sunday along New York City’s Fifth Avenue. That’s because the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade made its presence known, roaring its way down the streets with cheerful shouts of "Boricua!" and a sea of red, white, and blue.

We swung by to observe the proud madness firsthand. Below are some interesting people we met along the parade route:

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50 Latinas at Fortune 500 Companies
50 Latinas Who Rock Fortune 500 Companies

It’s no secret Latinas are underrepresented in corporate America with only 5 percent sitting on Fortune 500 boards. The fact that of the 20 female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, only four are women of color and none are Latina, paints a pretty grim reality. Despite this disparity, we rounded up 50 Latinas doing their thing at Fortune 500 companies. Whether working their way up the corporate ladder, or serving on the board, these mujeres prove we’re coming up in top-ranked corporations.

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Latinas Who Shine in Media
24 Latinas Who Shine in Tech!

Women may make up the majority of online users, trendsetters, and consumers, but we have a long way to go to reach proportionate amounts in the field of technology. Women account for only 5% of tech engineers and startup founders and represent 12% of all computer science graduates. Latinas are even less represented with only .03% of Latina freshmen majoring in computer science in 2006. Despite the low numbers, we tracked down 25 Latinas changing the face of technology and inspiring others to do the same.

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Demi Lovato at a Topshop event
5 Latina Celebs Who Have Struggled With Eating Disorders

In a recent interview with MTV, Demi Lovato confessed that her eating disorder, which she continues to address daily, has made her rethink her career aspirations. She told Live From MTV,  “I don't know If I'm going back to acting... I think someone that's recovering from an eating disorder can only be in front of the camera so much before it starts to play mind games."

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25 Latinas Who Shine in Media
25 Latinas Who Shine in Media!

From Rocsi Diaz to Soledad O’Brien, Latinas are paving the way for aspiring multimedia journalists who want to diversify the media landscape and share their unique perspectives with a broader audience. Here are 25 Latinas doing just that. 

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8 Ways the U.S. Is More Mexican Than Ever
7 Ways the U.S. Is More Mexican Than Ever

Mexicans in the U.S. continue to influence market power, demographics, art, fashion, music, and more. Since it's almost time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, here are 7 ways the U.S. is more Mexican than ever!

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Jessica Alba book The Honest Life
The 5 Best Tips from Jessica Alba’s Bestseller 'The Honest Life'

Jessica Alba has continued to impress us with her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to her business, The Honest Company, which produces nontoxic household essentials that are also adorable. Writing a book focusing around this sustainable lifestyle, she credits the inspiration to the fact that she was, “sick of being told that ‘healthy,’ ‘safe,’ and ‘eco,’ means ‘boring,’ ‘beige,’ and ‘blah.’” It seems others agree with her: the book has become a New York Times bestseller.

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