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Discover The National Anthems From Across Latin America
Discover The National Anthems From Across Latin America

On March 3, we celebrate National Anthem Day, an American tribute to our own anthem, "the Star Spangled Banner." Written during the War of 1812 by Francis Scott Key, the patriotic tune has become symbolic of everything the United States represents.

Many of us can sing the Star Spanged Banner from memory, but we may not all be familiar with the national anthems of our heritage: the anthems of Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and more.

Celebrate today by learning a little bit about the anthems of Latin America:

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7 Foods and Drinks Promote Great Sex
6 Foods and Drinks That Promote Great Sex

Food. We gotta have it. It's sustenance. It keeps us alive. It promotes...pleasure? Yes. And I'm not talking about the pleasure you feel when you devour a rich slice of chocolate cake, or a crunchy pastelito, or a savory and sugary cinnamon churro. Although that all tastes and feels amazing, eating certain foods can turn us on down there. And drinks are not to be left out. Sipping on a little somethin' somethin' may lead you to devour the man in your life.
Here are some foods and drinks that serve as aphrodisiacs and promote great sex:

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TK Things to Know About the History of Dominican Republic
8 Things to Know About the History of Dominican Republic

Happy Dominican Independence Day! Today marks the 171st anniversary of the Dominican Republic's independence from Haiti. This unique and amazing country is more than just picturesque beaches, insanely delicious food and the home bachata. It’s also has a rich history!
So before you go out and celebrate today, check out some of the highlights from the Dominican Republic’s history:

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TK Things Latinas Should Know About Eating Disorders
10 Things Latinas Should Know About Eating Disorders

It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which means Twitter is deluged with more articles, videos and images about eating disorders than usual. Unchanged, however, is that much of the content shared neither centers on nor even includes the experience, perspective or struggle of Latinas. But guess what? Many Latinas are dealing with disordered eating, and it’s a problem that is increasing in our community.
Here are 10 facts all of us should know about eating disorders:

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What Latinas (And Their Families!) Really Think About Tattoos
What Latinas (And Their Families) Really Think About Tattoos

Do you have a tattoo? Or have you thought about getting inked? Tats are a controversial subject — especially among conservative Latino families. We asked you to submit your anonymous confessions about tattoo and familia via Whisper. Here's what you said: 
MORE: What Latinas Really Think About Sex

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TK Latino Foods To Get You Through Winter
12 Latino Foods To Get You Through Winter

This winter has been brutal — inches upon inches of snow, days and days of below freezing temperatures, and harsh arctic winds have left everyone wishing for summer. 
Winter may be far from over, but at least you can enjoy it with a little help from these 12 Latino foods: 
MORE: 7 foolproof Latino hangover cures.

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8 Foods That Can Seriously Ruin Your Sex Life
8 Foods That Can Seriously Ruin Your Sex Life

By Aly Walansky for

We already know there are foods that are awesome at spicing up our sex lives—oysters, chili peppers, chocolate. The list of effective aphrodisiacs is long, and many of us swear by them. But there is another side to the aphrodisiac story.

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Best Pictures Carnival Brazil
10 Gorgeous Shots From Carnival

Lent has officially begun. The 40-day marathon of solemn fasting, praying, and repenting may be upon us, but we will never forget the festivity and jubilation leading up to Ash Wednesday. On Tuesday, partygoers around the country flocked to New Orleans for a Mardi Gras celebration to remember, but true partiers journeyed to South America for Brazil Carnival 2015.
Fat Tuesday may be behind us, but we can still look back fondly on the glitter, lights, feathers and magic of Carnival: 

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Planning your dream disney wedding!
Plan Your Ultimate Disney Wedding!

As little girls, many of us dreamed of having a Disney-themed wedding, where we are the princesas of our own fairytale. Here are six tips to help you plan the ultimate Disney wedding and make that childhood dream come true:

MORE: The 5 Best Disney Dream Experiences

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Wildfox Cami
Latina's 2015 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Diamonds, lobster, lingerie — everything a girl (single or taken) could ask for on V-Day. Did we mention there's a $260 Ecuadorian chocolate bar involved? 
MUST-READ: 13 Latinas Confess What They Really Want in Bed

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