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5 Signs It's Time to Go to Couples Counseling
5 Signs It's Time to Go to Couples Counseling

For many people — like me — ‘couples counseling’ was a curse word growing up. “We don’t lie on a sofa and talk about our feelings,” my dad would tell me. “It’s nobody’s problema." 

That mentality couldn't be more wrong. Counseling can be an effective way to dissect one's innermost feelings and become more self-aware. 

Is it time for you and your significant other to see a therapist? Here are some signs you need couples counseling: 

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Science Sexual Attraction
9 Things To Know About The Science Of Attraction

The science of attraction will always be a topic that spurs intense curiousity and debate; can we say, definitively, what makes a person attractive? Or does it vary from person to person? Science suggest that while some of attraction can be attributed to personal preference, some of it can also be attributed to a combination of genetic and biological factors. 

Here are nine studies that will change the way you think about attraction forever: 

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Interracial Couple Problems
5 Things Only Interracial Couples Deal With

I’ve always dated Latino men, particularly mixed Puerto Ricans. My current boyfriend is actually half-Puerto Rican and half-Vietnamese. For this cien por ciento Dominicana, that was quite a change! My siblings and many of my cousins are also down with the swirl, dating African-American men and women and even gringos and gringas. You’d think my family would get used to the diversity, but some still throw a judgmental side eye in our direction.

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9 Most Controversial Advertisements Ever
The 9 Most Controversial Advertisements Ever

It's common for advertiser to miss their marks — especially when it comes to Latinos and people of color. Here, we dissect nine of the most controversial advertisements ever: 
MORE: 12 Of The Most Controversial Magazine Covers, Ever

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The 13  Most Pinworthy Travel Destinations In Latin America
The 13 Most Pinworthy Travel Destinations In Latin America

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean the vacation has to end. Autumn and winter are the perfect times to visit some of Latin America's most majestic destinations. Add these locales to your "Dream Vacation" Pinterest board — and get ready to book a ticket!

MORE: Spooky Travels! 14 Haunted Hotels Around The World

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Dia De Los Muertos Party
How To Throw a Día De Los Muertos Fiesta

On November 1, we celebrate Día de los Muertos, a day to remember, honor and celebrate our deceased family, friends and loved ones. As with any proper Mexican celebration, plenty of vibrant decorations, mouthwatering snacks and strong libations are necessary — both to commemorate the dead and delight the living. 

Here are the 7 things you'll need to throw a proper Día de los Muertos celebration: 

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10 Photos That Illustrate the Blaxican Experience in L.A.
10 Photos That Illustrate the Blaxican Experience in L.A.

As Latinos, we often discuss the issues that come with living at the center of two culturas: The Latin American one in our homes, and the U.S. one we discover in our escuelas.
MORE: 12 Events Celebrating Afro-Latinos
Now imagine being Latino and African American, unraveling what it means to belong to two marginalized identities in the racist and xenophobic melting pot of los estados unidos.

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Spooky Travels! Book A Frightful Getaway At These Haunted Hotels
Spooky Travels! 14 Haunted Hotels Around the World

You can sleep when you're dead — or with the dead. 

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How To Deal With A Friend Has A Thing For Your Man
How To Deal With A Friend Who Has A Thing For Your Man

Once upon a dark time, the men I dated had chicas attached at their hips. My then-boyfriends, crushes and flings just had a slew of female friends, ex-girlfriends and other flings (two-timing bastards!) at their beck and call. Why, I remember how hurt I was when “Luke’s” ex went to his mother’s house. I wanted to march over there and piss all over the living room couch. I needed to mark my territory!

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