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TK Things Every Latina Should Know About The Hobby Lobby Decision
6 Things Every Latina Should Know About The Hobby Lobby Decision

Last month, The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that family-owned corporations are not required to follow the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act because it violates a federal law which protects religious freedom. The controversial decision, split 5-4, sparked frenzied discussions and debates, with the loudest voices of dissent coming from the bench: all three women of the Supreme Court - Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan

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Summer Bucket List: TK Things to Do Before It Cools Down
Your Summer Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before It Cools Down

Just before our eyes, summer has flown by and we're already looking ahead to Labor Day and the oncoming Fall season. But wait! Summer's not over yet, and there's still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. We've taken inspiration from some of our favorite stars to compile the ultimate Summer Bucket List. From drinking a margarita at a baseball game like Mario Lopez to kissing your honey underwater like Bella Thorne, here are 20 things to do before it cools down:

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Katherine Vargas
Powerful Mujeres: 6 Latinas in the White House

Think your voice is not represented in higher government? Thing again, because these ladies have your back. Meet the Latinas from all walks of life who are making things happen under the Obama Administration.

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10 Sexts Every Latina Should Know
10 Sexts Every Latina Should Know

A long, long time ago when I was a young and naive chica, I gave my number to a man that was a wee too young for me. Like, he couldn't buy me a drink, he was that young. What can I say? I was's dating blogger and needed fodder? And I sure got it.

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Have Better Sex: TK Foods to Power Your Man’s Penis
Have Better Sex: 25 Foods to Power Your Man’s Penis

Keeping up a healthy sex life has just as much to do with your desire for each other as it has to do with your diet. 

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TK Foods for a Healthy Vagina
Yes, Really: 10 Foods for a Healthy Vagina

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but the food you eat has a big effect on the health of your vagina. If you've ever eaten some asparagus and noticed, ahem, a bit of a stronger smell down there, then you already know that "you are what you eat" really means something.

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Healthy Foods That'll Kick Your Sex Drive Into High Gear
10 Healthy Foods That'll Kick Your Sex Drive Into High Gear

We know how it is. You love your significant other, but time passes, libidos decrease, and you're no longer that hot-and-heavy couple of the past. Whether it's work, having kids or one of the many stressors in life that decrease our sex drive, we know what you really want: to get back to it! 

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Dominican Rum Wedding Favor
10 Awesome Wedding Favor Ideas to Celebrate Your Heritage!

A wedding is a wonderful time to celebrate your culture through the ritual, decorations, fashion, and music. After a festive night of love, family, and culture, be sure to leave your guests with a reminder of the beautiful, momentous occasion: a wedding favor with Latino flair! 
Planning a Latino boda? Get inspired by these 10 wedding favors: 

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Sheryl Sandberg TED Talks
5 Seriously Incredible TED Talks Every Latina Should See

If you’ve never heard of TED Talks, here’s what you need to know: influencers, academics and all-around smarty pants give speeches (usually under 20 minutes) that are designed to be “ideas worth spreading.” The nonprofit hopes to shape new ideas and thinking around a myriad of different topics and industries – and help audience members rethink they way they see the world. Here are 5 amazingly brilliant talks every Latina should watch:

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Upside Down Brooms
10 Latino Superstitions We All Grew Up Believing

Many Latinas grew up hearing their fair share of locuras -- old wives' tales that everyone's abuela insisted were the truth! We all know these superstitions can't possibly be real, but we still believe them -- and fear them. 

Here are 10 Latin superstitions we all grew up believing. Do have any to add? Share in the comments! 

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