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National Vegetarian Awareness Week: The Best Veggie Tamales In Los Angeles
The 5 Best Vegetarian Tamales In Los Angeles

You may think tamales can only be eaten during the holiday season, but this snack can be enjoyed all year long — even if you're lacking in cooking expertise. 

Angelenos, you're in luck. We know exactly where you can stock up and get your tamale fix all year round. While meat varieties — especially beef or pork — are the most popular, you can even find a range of vegetarian options. This National Vegetarian Awareness Week, take a peek at some of the best veggie tamale shops in Los Angeles.

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White Food Recipes After Labor Day
18 Whites Foods To Indulge In After Labor Day

Labor Day will come and go, but delicious food should live on forever. Whether you adhere (or not) to the "no white after Labor Day" rule, we urge you: don't let that follow you into the kitchen! 

This fall, do away with convention and indulge in these 18 white foods that you most definitely should be eating after Labor Day. 

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National Vegetarian Week Latin Recipes
10 Latin Recipes To Celebrate National Vegetarian Awareness Week

When one thinks of Latin America, vegetarian food is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Though our culture is passionate about rice, beans, tortillas, plantains, and tamales, most of the time these staple foods are accompanied by an animal protein that steals the spotlight. In Peru, for example, people find ways to cook and eat everything from llamas and guinea pigs to worms and cows’ hearts, and many people claim they feel starved without some kind of meat in every meal.

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Labor Day Cocktails
Cheers! 12 Cocktails Perfect for Labor Day Weekend

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you can't pour up one last delicious drink!

Ahead, see 12 perfect Labor Day cocktail recipes to put the cherry on top of your summer.

MORE: 10 GIfts to Impress Your Labor Day Party Hostess

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Labor Day Barbecue Side Dishes
These Latin-Inspired Side Dishes Will Spice Up Your Labor Day BBQ

Summer is on the wane, but before we say goodbye to days in the park, afternoons by the beach, and humid nights under a full moon, there's still time for one more backyard barbecue.

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10 Gifts That Will Definitely Impress Your Labor Day Party Hostess
10 Gifts That Will Definitely Impress Your Labor Day Party Hostess

It’s certainly not easy to say goodbye to summer, but at least Labor Day gives us one last excuse to grill and enjoy the fleeting weather. If you’re headed to a party as a guest, make sure you bring a gift for the hostess (this etiquette rule applies to casual backyard events, too!). Head to the Latin Kitchen to view our favorite hostess gifts — plus, where to buy them, why she’ll love them, and how to present them. 

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5 Breakfasts In A Jar For The Busy Mujer
5 Healthy Breakfasts In A Jar For The Busy Mujer

Let's be real: between the alarm sounding off and the time you have to scoot out the door, there's a laundry list of morning to-dos that take priority over breakfast. (The kids aren't going to dress themselves and you're not about to show up to the office with wet hair.) In the all-systems-go of the morning rush, you usually end up grabbing whatever is closest, cheapest, and fastest... but not always healthiest.

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Quick Healthy Summer Meals
3 Quick & Healthy Late Summer Meals

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ingredients at their peak, as well as enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. And during the final days of our favorite season, we would rather skip slaving away in the kitchen. The good news is that healthy meals don’t have to be time consuming to be delicious. Take Chorizo Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes, Garbanzo Salad Stuffed Red Peppers and Chilled Zucchini Soup — three recipes that prove quick summer meals can be tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare.

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Peruvian Beach Snacks (aka How to Eat Like a King at the Playa)
The Most Delicious Peruvian Beach Snacks

Though snacks vary by country and region — think paletas in Mexico and piraguas in Puerto Rico — they're a time-honored tradition in every part of the world where there's sea and sand. In Peru's Huanchaco, a popular surf beach and weekend getaway for urban neighbors, revelers stroll along the water's edge, take in views from the pier, and nibble on the fishing village's local fare.

Here, a look at the most delicious, traditional Peruvian beach snacks you'll see at la playa

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5 Juicy Fruit Recipes to Sweeten Up Summer Meals
5 Fruit Recipes To Sweeten Up Summer Meals

Fresh, plump, juicy fruits are bountiful and bright in the summer. From peaches to apricots, cherries to berries, the mouthwatering selection at your local fruit stand, grocery story, and farmer's market may make you crazy — so crazy, in fact, that you buy way more fruit than you could possibly use. 

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