EXCLUSIVE: Aida Rodriguez Talks Latinas In Comedy & "Last Comic Standing"

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Aida Rodriguez knows it's not easy being a Latina in comedy -- and she's trying to change that. 

The single mom is set to compete tonight in the semifinal round of Last Comic Standing. Out of 100 comedians, Rodriguez is one of four Latinos -- and the only Latina -- contestant.

We chatted with the Dominican-Puerto Rican comedian about growing up Latina, the inspirations behind her acts, and the challenges of being a woman in comedy: 

What inspired you to compete on Last Comic Standing

Well, honestly, knowing who was behind the show! Knowing that Page [Hurwitz] and Wanda [Sykes] were doing the show this year! I know that Wanda knows the fight of the female comic -- the female comic of color. Her and Page both have a passion and a desire to make a way for females in comedy. So, knowing that they were involved -- I knew I was going to be in good hands. 

Has the lack of Latina comics and Latina influences been an issue for you in your career?

We have a lot of wonderful women in the game, but when it comes to getting to that level -- the next level of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle -- we don't have that. For me, that's been my goal. It's been a little harder for me, because my comedy is rooted in truth and my life. I don't have the musical stuff. I don't do the voices and the sketch. My comedic influences are people like George Lopez. I love Richard Pryor, and I love George Carlin. So, it's a little different for me, becuase my comedy is a little hardcore, a little edgier. But, my goal is to be that woman. We just don't have that.

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