7 Reasons to Tune Into 'Graceland' Season 2!

USA Network's hottest series, Graceland, is back! The season two premiere airs tonight at 10/9c. Earlier this year, we got the chance to visit the set of Graceland and get a bit of the scoop for this new, highly anticipated season. Along with several other reporters, we sat down with Aaron Tveit, Daniel Sunjata, Manny Montana, Brandon Jay McLaren, Serinda Swan, and Vanessa Ferlito to pick their brains on what we can expect. This new season will surely not disappoint and if you've never watched Graceland, well, here are seven reason why you need to tune in:

1. Daniel Sunjata

1. It doesn't matter if you've never watched a single episode from season one, you can still get all caught up in season two.

"What's great about season two is that it does kind of exist as a piece," Daniel Sunjata, who plays FBI Agent Paul Briggs, told us. "Except for a few dangling plot threads from the end of season one, you could come into season two and just watch it not ever having seen the first season because it's kind of it's own story."

2. Aaron Tveit

2. Mike will definitely be back & we'll get more of a backstory on him.

"[Mike] is at a very crucial point where he's starting to question this time in Washington D.C.," Aaron Tveit, who plays FBI Agent Mike Warren, said. "Then he gets this calls at the perfecct moment and Briggs says, 'Come out here.' So I walk back into the house -- obviously it's a very different situation than last year -- a very different agent and person."

Tveit also revealed that we'll get to see "a little bit" of where Mike comes from. "That's something I've talked about with Jeff [Eastin]," he said, "and he and I have created this whole backstory for Mike."

3. Brandon Jay McLaren

3. We're going to see a lot more of Jakes this season.

"For all the fans who wanted to see or are curious to know what the backstory is for Jakes, they're going to see a lot of Brandon McLaren," Sunjata said, "and they're going to see that the kid is the truth."

Brandon Jay McLaren also dropped hints of a love life storyline. "There is a love interest for Jakes," McLaren, who plays ICE Agent Dale Jakes, told us. "Maybe two." And will these intertwine with his personal struggle? McLaren says, "One of the love interests is directly involved with his personal [struggles] or becomes involved with it. The other one is going to be a slow burn."

4. Manny Montana

4. Fans will meet Johnny's mami.

Manny Montana, who plays FBI Agent Joe "Johnny" Tuturro, told us that viewers will get to meet mama Tuturro this season. "We introduce her this [seventh] episode," Montana said. "I think my mother sees me as the people I grew up with, in the area I grew up in -- kids that were just gonna go to high school and work and f**ked around and did drugs. In the show, my mom views me that way."

Montana continued, "She thinks I'm just like the knuckleheads I grew up with, but I'm not. And I can't tell her what I do for a living because I'm undercover. So I think it really hurts Johnny that he can't tell his mom because she would be so proud, right? She would think that he's the best instead of like all his brothers and his friends, so it's a complex relationship that we have."

5. Serinda Swan

5. Paige will fight against one of the biggest villians out there: Sex Trafficking

"One of the most amazing things is, if you know a little bit about my personal causes, I fight a lot with sex trafficking," Serinda Swan, who plays DEA Agent Paige Arkin, told us during breakfast, "so we do a lot of work in South East Asia and also North America. So last year I was talking to Jeff [Eastin] and some of the writers, and I was like, one of the biggest things that go hand in hand, I mean the first thing for me is drug trafficking is number one and sex trafficking is number two, which is insane. It’s like a 9 to 30 billion, which is pretty big gap there, dollar business per year. So for me personally that’s what I do when I leave the show."

Swan continued, "So I sat down with Jeff, I was like one of the main things is that girls get smuggled using drugs and then sometimes they get sold or whatever it is and there are many, many different stories of them coming into the U.S. because there are over 100 thousand of them right now in the U.S. I was like if there is some way we can find out a storyline or even just a mention and somehow bring this to light and use the show as a platform for something we can let people know about, and they said yes!"

6. Vanessa Ferlito

6. A new roommate will make their way to Graceland

Vanessa Ferlito, who plays FBI Agent Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco, told us a new housemate will be introduced this season. And what will Charlie's relationship be like with the new roomate? "Eh, she likes him," Ferlito said of her character. "She likes him, but I feel like she's like 'you're not one of the originals, you're fine, but you can go.'"

7. Graceland Cast

7. The cast is full of hotties!

Enough said.