Tyler Posey Remembers Childhood Spent in Mexico During 'Truth or Dare' Shoot


Tyler Posey and the cast of "Truth or Dare" only spent 24 hours shooting in Mexico, but it was enough to help bring back beautiful memories of Posey's childhood. The California born star, whose mother was Mexican, spent a lot of time in the breathtaking city of Ensenada where his grandparents had a home.

"My grandparents used to have a beach house in Ensenada and I used to take that drive through the border all the time when I was a kid," Posey told Latina.com during an interview alongside co-star Lucy Hale. "It had been a long time since I'd done that, so that was pretty cool to relive that. I was seeing things that I recognized and was just enjoying that again."

For Hale, it was her first time crossing the border and she was able to record the moments on cell phones provided by director Jeff Wadlow. The "Pretty Little Liars" star confirmed that some of what they shot made it into the film.

"The opening sequence in the movie, where you see all the cell phone footage, that's all the footage that's from Mexico when we're actually there," Hale explained. "It was what they called a bonding trip but they ended up using the footage. I wish we could've shot more in Mexico but it's a movie and they make places look like other places."

"Truth or Dare" is the perfect horror thriller to watch this weekend with your girlfriends or with a date. There are plenty of moments where you'll need the support because things get pretty intense. For people not so into the horror genre, the film does a great job of breaking up the intensity with comedic moments, which Posey admits he loves.

To learn more about the film, in theaters today, check out our exclusive video interview below.