WATCH: Who's Telling Pitbull To Stop the Party?

Pitbull’s new single “Don’t Stop the Party” off of his upcoming, Global Warming, album may be too steamy to air overseas. According to reports, the video directed by David Rousseau has been banned in the United Kingdom and was deemed too sexual for younger audiences.

In the music video, Mr. Worldwide, who covers the latest bilingual issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, is featured partying with his Voli vodka in hand. While Pit sips on his favorite drink, some models are filmed nearly nude in certain bedrooms shots. Over 4 million fans have clicked on the video so far. We suspect that number will grow exponentially before his album releases on November 19th. Just saying.

The Cuban rapper previously gave us a taste of what he has in store for his seventh studio album with a collaborative track with Shakira, “Get it Started.”

Will the controversial video work in his favor? Watch “Don’t Stop the Party” below and let us know what you think! Is it too hot for television?