WWE Superstar Paige: 'Being Different Is Your Superpower"

Photo: Suzi Pratt

She may not be Latina, but WWE wrestler Paige knows that there are a lot of young Latinas that look up to her.

The English native spoke to Latina.com about the film inspired by her life, Fighting With My Family,  writen and directed by Stephen Merchant. And this isn't no low budget film either! 

It stars former WWE chamption Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Nick Frost, Lena Headey, Jack Lowden, Boricua WWE Diva Zelina Vega, and Florence Pugh, who played Saraya Knight...aka Paige.

It was important to Paige that the film carry empowering messages and never giving up. Another important message comes from her brother Zach's story of following your dreams and not comparing yourself to others.

“It’s ok to be different, being different is your super power and also never giving up on your dreams even coming from humble beginnings," she told Latina.com. “You shouldn’t measure your success on how famous you are, how many cameras are in front of your face, how many Instagram followers you have.

Zach's story is you can be successful in whatever goal you set.”

Paige entered a world where she was different than everyone else, when she joined the WWE family. She was looked at as an oddball, and she wouldn've have it any other way.

“Everyone just called me that and I just ran with it," she explalined. "When I first came in, I was so different. Everyone was the same flavor of ice cream and I was so different people were just like you’re a weirdo, you’re a misfit, you’re this, you’re that, and I was like yeah, I am and I love it that way.

At first when I came over here my confidence wasn’t as high and I was a little bit insecure when it came to it because I was so young and these women were so beautiful and I felt weird that I was different. It only took me a couple of months to really snap out of it and then it felt more like my super power.”

It was late 2017 when Paige sustained a career ending injury at a WWE live event. She does however have aspirations to continue working with the WWE and in Hollywood in various capacities.

“I would love to work behind the scenes and in front of the camera when it comes to Hollywood. I’ve just got my toe in the water right now. With WWE, I still want to work with them whether it be behind the scenes or on camera, but I would definitely love to venture out into the Hollywood scene too.”