9 Latinx Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

It seems like every other day there’s a new Latinx podcast that launches, but we aren’t even mad about it! Why? This is our generation's way of storytelling.

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Now more than ever, we need to have an open dialogue not only focusing on what’s happening in our Latino community, but in the world. Each podcast embraces a different viewpoint and theme, so we have recapped both popular and new podcasts that you need to check out!

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1. Creating Espacios

Founder, Vivan Nuñez gives Latinas a platform to share their learnings, mistakes and most importantly - achievements. Through each guest’s story she hopes to close the gap of information for the new generation of Latinas who aspire to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Some of Creating Espacios first season guests include Gina Rodriguez, Soledad O’Brien and Patty Rodriguez.

2. Super Mamás

Super Mamás


The Lopez sisters, Paulina and Bricia give listeners the honest truth of parenting and life experiences inspired by each other and their guests. Get ready every Tuesday for your dose of laughter and cries!

3. No Sé, Dime Tú

No Sé, Dime Tú

Husband and wife power couple alert! Venezuelan YouTuber and actress, Maiah Ocando and writer Gabriel Torrelles discuss entertainment, relationships,  life experiences and trending topics. Each episode is in Spanish and full of charisma—their chemistry is fire!

4. De Colores Collective

De Colores Collective


Led by Eva Arreguin, Rafael Tamayo and Pat Arreguin - De Colores Radio’s episodes celebrate the marginalized and underrepresented communities. The De Colores team gives a voice to the Texas community on a national level not only through their podcast, but also by hosting a monthly event with a community-focused panel and local artist vendors.


5. Cafe Con Pam

Cafe Con Pam


Pam Covarrubias hosts fearless Latinas, Latinos, Latinx and People of Color who are breaking barriers, changing lives and making this world a better place. Pam and her guests share their thoughts on relevant topics and experience over some cafecito. Grab yourself a cup y disfruta!

6. Tamarindo Podcast

Tamarindo Podcast

Social conscious podcast hosted by Brenda Gonzalez where she shares stories you don't normally hear in podcasts such as the challenges of getting a Ph.D. while undocumented. It’s all real talk by real people to see real change in our community.

7. Nos Vemos En El Swamp Meet

Nos Vemos En El Swamp Meet

Join Luis Octavio as he explores several swap meets across southern California meeting interesting people from our comunidad with incredible stories. You’ some relatable and others are eye-opening!

8. Latino USA

Latino USA

"Welcome to Latino USA, I am Maria Hinojosa…" never gets old! Originally founded in Austin, the Latino-focused and award-winning program empowers people to navigate the complexities of diversity and champion inclusion. If it impacts our community, you’ll hear it on Latino USA.