Take a Peek Into Mariah Carey's Closet & Prepare for Some Serious Envy


While many of us dream of one day having a closet the looks like it came out of a department store, Mariah Carey has made it her reality. 

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The mother-of-two invited Vogue for an exclusive look into her enormous closet with towering walls of shoes. Before touring her prized possession, the "We Belong Together" singer confessed, "I'm not as casual as most people." One look at her closet and we can see why. 

The shoe fanatic owns rows of what is likely to be thousands of dollars worth of designer shoes. From Christian Louboutins to Manolo Blahnik, Carey's shoe game is out of this world. 

After dropping some jaws with her enviable shoe collection, the 47-year-old moved onward to show off her Birkins. If you know a thing or two about these luxe bags, is that they ain't cheap. The pop diva showed off two Hermes bags, one of which was gifted by Floyd Mayweather. "He told me every time somebody asks, to make sure they know it's a gift from Floyd," the blonde beauty explained. "So, it's from the champ." 

Aside from clothes and shoes, the hot momma also has some cute memorabilia stored inside her closet. Among her stuff is a small compact once owned by the infamous Marilyn Monroe. "She had it for the Golden Globes, I believe," Carey explains. "She had her speech inside. It just seemed like a really sweet thing to have and if I had written a speech and kept it, I would want someone to keep it for me."

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Take a look inside Mariah Carey's envious closet!