Grammy-nominated band The Marías has ignited excitement among fans with the announcement of their highly-anticipated sophomore album, “Submarine,” slated for release on May 31st. The band, renowned for their mesmerizing soundscapes and dreamlike melodies, has teased the album with the release of their new single, “Run Your Mouth,” offering a glimpse into what promises to be a captivating musical journey.

The Marías’ latest single, “Run Your Mouth,” serves as a poignant introduction to the themes featured in “Submarine.” Exploring the intricacies of solitude and human emotion, the album delves into the delicate balance between the pain and beauty inherent in choosing solitude. María, the band’s lead vocalist, reflects on the genesis of the single, sharing, “This was one of the first songs Josh and I wrote on Submarine. I was conflict avoidant at the time and whenever someone wanted to talk about something serious, I’d run and hide. I learned that was a protective mechanism and I didn’t have the capacity to open up. There’s no other song on the album like it, hope you dance to this one.”

Watch “Run Your Mouth” below.