3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Any Party

With party season in full swing, you’ll need plenty of pretty, festive looks. Since there’s already enough to stress about without adding your hair to the list, we tapped Devin Graciano, hairstylist and CEO/founder of Use Me hair products, for easy to create styles that work for everything from casual house parties to fancy fetes.

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1. Sexy Waves

Get the look:

  • Using a large round brush, blow dry your hair keeping the dryer's nozzle facing downward, toward the ground, to avoid flyaways (note: a round brush provides more tension to smooth wavy, curly or extra curly hair)
  • Once your hair is dry, set in a strong side part. To keep the side-swept side slick, brush against your head with your round brush (for more tension) and add a little heat from your blowdryer, following the brush strokes.
  • With a large barrel curling iron, start curling the loose section of your hair into a slight U shape, starting at the nape of your neck. Create smaller vertical sub sections to curl, ensuring your curls are all going in the same direction for that Hollywood glam finish. Pin each curl to cool.
  • Do not disturb your pinned curls until they are completely cold. If there is any warmth in them, they will loosen throughout the night.
  • Once curls are cold, remove clips and brush through the style completely with a boar bristle brush. Add a light shine mist or oil to control any flyaways that may rise.
  • Use the palm of your hand to slide down the hair after you brush each section.

2. Sleek Pony

Get the look:

  • Prep your hair with a smooth blow dry and flat iron to ensure the sleekest finish.
  • Rub on a bit of shine spray or oil.  
  • Brush your hair back to your occipital bone (the center middle back of your head).
  • Look up at the sky (it may be uncomfortable, but it's necessary to avoid sag) and brush your hair from the nape of your neck into your hand to form a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. 
  • Cover the elastic:
    • Take a small section of hanging hair and wrap it over the elastic, over and over again, until there is no more length to wrap.
    • Use a grip (bobby pin) to secure the hair into the ponytail.
  • Finish with another light layer of shine/oil mist on your scalp. Apply a bit of product to your hands and run them through the pony. 

3. Glam Updo

Get the look:

  • Blow dry and flat iron your hair for a sleek finish and create a side part.
  • Add a shine mist/oil for a wet look.
  • Brush your hair back to your nape area.
  • While looking up in the sky, brush the nape up into your hand and create a ponytail. 
  • Once in place, take the long loose ends and create a braid. 
    • Secure with a small clear or dark elastic (to blend with your hair color).
    • For a cleaner look, ensure the braid is tight; for a fuller or un-done look you can loosen the braid by slightly pulling on the outsides of your hair.
  • Grab the braid near the top of the ponytail elastic and start to wrap the braid around it, like you would a bun.
  • Slide your hands down the braid for more control as you continue to “bun wrap” the entire length of the braid.
  • Hold it in place with one hand while securing the braid bun with bobby pins.
  • Add a decorative hair pin.