Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Receiving Extortion Threats From Ex-Girlfriend


Alex Rodriguez might be taking legal action against an ex-girlfriend.

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According to TMZ, an unnamed woman the former Yankees player dated back in 2014, has been blackmailing Rodriguez and threatening to expose private text messages. Although they only dated briefly, she continued to contact him throughout the year, demanding small amounts of money, which he's always refused.

However, the threats got more aggressive since the third baseman was linked to Jennifer Lopez in early March. According to the new outlet, the ex suddenly increased her demand for money to keep quiet. While Rodriguez refused to pay and told the woman he was in a committed relationship with the Shades of Blue actress, his former partner demanded $600,000 or she would share the messaged with media outlets.

A source has told TMZ that the woman intended to release the old texts with A-Rod to make it seem like they were still talking while he's been dating the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer. Of course, the athlete has refused to pay, and his legal team is preparing to take the situation to the police if the threats continue.

TMZ reports that the Lopez is well informed about what's going on and has her man's back. The mother-of-two is said to empathize with Rodriguez, having gone through a similar situation with a former partner.

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Back in 2009, the Puerto-Rican star sued her ex-husband Ojani Noa, for attempting to release a tell-all movie about their relationship. According to Lopez, Noa violated a confidentiality agreement they had previously signed.