Daily Chisme: Ojani Noa Refuses to Hand Over Rumored J.Lo Sex Tapes in Court

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Jennifer Lopez’s former husband, Ojani Noa, is the perfect example of how far a scorned ex is willing to go. After years of court battles and threatening to leak rumored sex tapes, her Cuban ex-hubby entered a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday for a lawsuit she filed against him in 2009.

The judge requested that Noa hand in the videotapes or he may face jail time for refusing to corporate. According to People en Español, he rather serve time than give up his prized possessions. “I will go through whatever I need to go through, but I will not give them my tapes. They are mine, my personal possessions. This has nothing to do with the lawsuit,” he said.

Four years ago, Noa was allegedly shopping for offers from erotic video companies and one of his highest bids was $40,000. However, now he claims that the videos aren’t sexual at all. “Those videos have no sexual context. They know that,” he claims.

Back in September, J.Lo got the last laugh after a judge dismissed Noa’s $10 million lawsuit for receiving cease-and-desist letters from her legal team for his unauthorized film, I Owe JLo.

Why can’t the brother just move on already? What are your thoughts?