EXCLUSIVE: Spanish Actor Miguel Angel Silvestre Talks 'Narcos' Season 3

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The wait is (almost) over! With just one day away from the premiere of Narcos season three, fans are counting down the hours until they can binge-watch their favorite Netflix series. The highly-anticipated season continues the story of the Colombia’s cocaine trade, turning its attention to the Cali Cartel. Unlike it predecessors, the Cali Cartel prefer to bribe government officials and keep its violent actions out of the headline. With the rise of new villains taking over the drug trafficking organization, we'll be seeing brand new characters this season.

Among those who have joined the cast is Miguel Angel Silvestre starring as Frank Hurado, a money launderer for the Cali Cartel.  Although you may know him as Alberto Márquez on Velvet or Lito Rodriguez on the Netflix series Sense 8, the Spanish heartthrob is giving fans a different side never seen before. 

We caught up with the actor to talk about Season three, preparing for the role and more. 

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Read it all in our exclusive interview below.

You play Frank Hurado, a money launderer for the Cali Cartel. What else can you tell us about your character?  

Frank Hurado is a Colombian guy. He is an orphan. When he's in the orphanage, the Cali Cartel decides to adopt him and give him good studies to the point where he gets into Harvard. There, he gets two degrees, and then he gets back to Colombia to help the Cali Cartel in their financial movements. That's basically what attaches me to the Cali Cartel. At Harvard, I get to meet an American girl, who doesn't know about my past. When she comes to Colombia with me, she starts to find out about my world. When she does, she starts to get engaged with the cocaine. Here's where I think the psychological relationship becomes interesting – what is making me rich is taking me away from the love of my life and basically ruining the love of my life. My character is going to have struggles dealing with these emotions – particularly as it doesn't have family and the only person he has is his wife. I think it was very well-written and I believe they were unique and precise with the way they told the story. It's a small role, but you get to understand the other side of this world.  


With the absence of the Medellin Cartel, how is the Cali Cartel taking over Colombia's cocaine trade?  

What I can say is I am a big fan of the 1st and 2nd season so, when I was reading the scripts for this season, the first question that came to mind was, "What are they going to do now, without Pablo?" He was a charismatic icon, as well as a character. I must say that the scripts are excellent and they caught my attention. I think they did a great job. In the first episode, something is going to happen – everyone of us freaked out when we read it. Netflix and the producers said its probably the most impressive f*cking scene shot in Narcos. I completely agree. When I was reading it, my jaw dropped, and I think it's going to capture the audience in the first episode of the 3rd season of Narcos.   



You're obviously from Spain.  Did you find it challenging learning to speak in a Colombian accent – since it is so distinctive apart from other Latin American accents?  

I was working with a coach, and we were working on the accent. Even though I had spoken some scenes in Spanish with a Colombian accent, in some scenes, I speak English with my American wife. Obviously, that was one of my biggest goals and something I was concerned about. We were working so hard with the coach – Norman. He was helping me out a lot. It was the same language but spoken differently. Really, we were trying to find the tone, find the sweetness with it. [Colombians] speak with such sweetness that is completely different than the way Spanish people talk. Once you live and spend so much time there, you start getting it and start enjoying it.  

We're a huge fan of Sense 8 and Velvet. How do you feel being part of another successful Netflix series?  

Being part of Netflix, in many ways, is something I am very grateful for. Netflix is a platform that speaks on issues about diversity, how important it is to be diverse, and how through diversity the human being becomes better. I am very flattered and thankful that they still wanted to work with me after Velvet and Sense 8 and gave me this opportunity to do this collaboration in Narcos. I think thanks to Netflix, every culture can have a voice. They really look for foreign actors and for stories that take place all over the world and from different cultures. I feel very happy and am very thankful.  

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What's next? Are there any exciting projects you're currently working on?  

Right now, I have two releases. We're releasing the 3rd season of Narcos, and then I have a film that is being released during Christmas time. It was a Fox animated movie and called Ferdinand. The movie is a bull that has all the abilities to be the best bull for fighting, but he doesn’t want to. It has a beautiful metaphor, and it is something that I believe in. Bull fighting is something that is big in my culture, but I am against hurting the animals. I completely believe in the message, and I think they're doing a great job. I cant wait to see the film. 

Catch Season Three of Narcos on Netflix on Friday, September 1.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below: