Style File: Christina Milian

1. Christina Milian - Abs

Holy Abs!: When you do a trillion crunches and leg-lifts, you have every right to show them off. But Christina Milian's ab-baring styles in the early years of her career pushed the boundaries of good taste. Case in point: On stage in 2004, she performed in a cropped top and jeans so low that one false move could show how thorough her bikini wax was or wasn't. Whether it's in gleaming white or seductive black, Christina doesn't let you forget how astoundingly toned her abs are. And...release!

2. Christina Milian - Black

Dark Days: Black is the go-to color for evening. This February, Christina showed how simple and chic the color that has no color can be with this sheer, décolleté accentuated evening dress, worn to the Herve Leger Fall 2008 fashion show. But back in the day, Christina proved that even terrible fashion faux pas can be committed in this seemingly safe neutral: like the thigh-high stockings with the pointy spectator stilettoes she wore to the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards in 2001? Janet Jackson called from the ’80s, asking for her oversized men's blazer back. Thankfully, Christina redeemed herself soon after in this stunning black frock, subdued enough to let her fabulous hair take the spotlight.

3. Christina Milian - Denim

Casual Flair: Jeans are like the rice and beans of the wardrobe, and Christina Milian is a pro at demonstrating how versatile denim dungarees can be. Earlier this summer, the Cuban bombshell was spotted pairing classic, knee-baring faded blue jeans with an extra long scarf. Just weeks before, she topped flared bootcuts with an elegant shawl cardigan with a tie. And with skinny indigo jeans at a Diesel party back in February, Christina played with proportion: extra short shrug with a long-sleeved turtle neck and black boots. So that's how you look sexy and stay warm at the same time!

4. Christina Milian - Purple

Hail the Queen: Grapes, eggplants and royalty all share a love of purple. And so does Christina Milian, who wears the regal hue in the form of a saucy cocktail dress, a sexy day dress or a shimmering satin evening gown that shows off all the twists and turns of her famous figure.

5. Christina Milian - Red & White

Crimson Sails: Even when Christina isn't floating down the red carpet in haute couture, she still looks polished in casual mode. Red catches the eye, but when it's presented with white, you get a preppy nautical feel. Check out her striped bikini as she cools off at the beach. Then there's Christina's white pedal pushers-- a warm weather staple--which she pairs with a slouchy striped sweater or an easy V-neck T-shirt. Ship's ahoy!

6. Christina Milian - Strappy

Every R&B diva needs to ooze style and sensuality to stand out. Christina Milian shows fearlessness when it comes to daring, strappy styles that show off her toned and petite waist. Peep the backless crimson gown flowing to a train, the grey and white oblique-baring dress or the subdued printed confection accented with a shimmering strappy halter. Red carpet-ready, indeed. 

7. Christina Milian - White

White Nights: Christina Milian understands how high-impact white can be for evening. Here we see her testing out the color in a variety of styles, from a Monroe-esque halter to a criss-cross floor skimmer to a swinging ’60s long-sleeve mini.