WATCH: Jessica Alba and More Latino Celebs Fight to End Gun Violence

In the wake of the tragic Dec. 14 school shooting in Newtown, CT, the debate over gun control in the US has been escalating. Plenty of strong emotions from opposing sides have risen – those who want to protect their access to guns and those who want legislators to gain a tighter hold on gun control.

On the same day that the National Rifle Association demanded that access to guns be protected in this country, Jessica Alba and a large group of other celebs released their own message, in the form of a PSA video.

In addition to the 31-year-old actress, the 1 1/2 minute-long video titled "Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence" also features Selena Gomez, Victor Cruz, Rashida Jones, Chris Rock, John Legend, and Beyonce (to name a few). Each celeb says a few words, which collectively calls for viewers to come to action.

“Columbine. Virginia Tech. Tucson. Aurora. Fort Hood. Oak Creek,” says the celebrities.

“Newtown,” is repeated several times, and Jessica Alba asks “How many more?”

Watch the PSA video for yourself and tell us what you think about the current gun debate.