Manu Chao Blasts Treatment of Jailed Migrants in New "Clandestino" Video

Global superstar Manu Chao went to Arizona recently to denounce the treatment of undocumented immigrants at a county jail. And how did he express this, exactly? Through music, of course!

According to Fox News Latino, the 50-year-old singer (who was raised in France by Spanish parents) filmed a new version of his song “Clandestino” in front of the state’s Maricopa County Jail, which holds its inmates in tents. The website reports that those detained at Maricopa must endure the intense heat in summer and sub-freezing temperatures in winter. Chao was invited by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network to visit the state and also host a free concert performance. In the video, Chao calmly strums his guitar and sings by the jail’s gates.

Manu Chao Opens Up About Childhood and Music

Directed by Alex Rivera, the “Clandestino” video opens with images of chained inmates and the sound of what appears to be the voicemail of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office voicemail message. In the recording, a man states that construction for the tent city is expected to increase, per a “predicted surge in illegal immigration.” 

Chao’s new video also features a short interview with an unnamed inmate. “They want to make something like Guantanamo. They treat us like terrorists,” the man said of the Maricopa County Jail. “We’re not terrorists. We just want to bring food to our families. All of this simply for coming here to work." Pretty powerful...