Amazon International Launch Mexico
Amazon Makes Biggest International Launch Ever In Mexico
By Latina Staff | 07/02/2015 - 12:46

Hola, Mexico!

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America Ferrera Checks Donald Trump in Self-Written Letter
America Ferrera Checks Donald Trump in a Public Letter
By Raquel Reichard | 07/02/2015 - 10:56

America Ferrera penned a letter to Republican presidential contender

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Donald Trump Clothes Made In Mexico Photo
Photo Shows Donald Trump Makes His Suits in... Mexico
By Cristina Arreola | 07/02/2015 - 10:04

Surprise, surprise: Donald Trump may blame Mexicans for the demise of America ("they're bringing, drugs

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Exclusive: Kap G Says Donald Trump Is A Bully, Latinos Unite
Exclusive: Kap G Says Donald Trump is a Bully, Latinos Unite
By Jesus Trivino | 07/01/2015 - 16:25

Rapper Kap G isn’t one to hold back his opinions, especially when it comes to defending his Mexican brethren.

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Becky G Sends a Message About Mexicans to Donald Trump in New Song
Becky G Sends a Message to Donald Trump About Mexicans in New Song
By Raquel Reichard | 06/30/2015 - 17:21

Get ready to love Becky G even more – yes, apparently it is possible!

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United States Second Largest Spanish Speaking Population World
Say What? The United States Has More Spanish Speakers Than Spain
By Cristina Arreola | 06/30/2015 - 12:49

The United States now boasts the world's second largest Spanish-speaking population. That's right: more people speak Spanish in America then they do in Spain. 

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43 Missing Mexican Students Parents Search Truth
Parents Of Mexico's 43 Missing Students Continue To Search For Answers
By Latina Staff | 06/29/2015 - 12:11

It's been nine months since 43 students disappeared in Guerrero, Mexico, but the parents of the missing continue to search for the truth. 

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Donald Trump is Not Sorry for His Racist Comments About Mexicans
Donald Trump is Not Sorry for His Racist Comments About Mexicans
By Raquel Reichard | 06/26/2015 - 14:03

Not unlike most people whose white privilege and racism is called out, Donald Trump is being a big ol’ cry-baby.

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Mexico Overtake Russia Worlds Top Economies
Mexico's Economy On The Road To Becoming One Of The Best In The World
By Latina Staff | 06/24/2015 - 14:35

Is Mexico set to become one of the world's greatest economies?

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