10 Memes You’ll Understand If You Have a Dominican Mom

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Dominican mom are certainly a breed of their own. We all know the fear that comes into us when we hear our Dominican mami calling us and we don’t respond that’s why some of these memes will have you cracking up.


This should sound familiar especially when you think about the times you have heard your mom talking to someone about you on the phone.


Don’t ever fall for this. There is either a belt or a chancleta on the other side.


We all the struggle when we threaten Dominican moms to call the policia. They don’t ever give two sh*ts!


This song still continues even if you are an adult. Your mami will always take care of your boo boos.


Callate Mami is a trigger statement for any Dominican mom so be smart and think before you die!


You know that smile can turn upside down real quick if you dare defy a Dominican mom’s orders.


And if you don’t put that coat on you know it’s either going to be a screaming match or a chancletaso to the head.


We all know that you shouldn’t even dare to lock the door because the wrath of a Dominican mom will come down on you.


If you grew up in a Dominican household chance are you ate this almost every day.


This is too real!