Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shares Her Skin Care Routine

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezis helping to change things in Washington, DC, but she’s also surprisingly become a beauty icon.

The New York-born politician has been getting a lot of questions about her beauty routine via social media, so she decided to share her skin care routine recently.

A follower asked, “How do you stay stress free and how do you keep your skin so clear?!”

AOC responded, “I do NOT stay stress-free.” Adding, “I’m a science nerd and I truly enjoy the science of it, reading about compounds and studies, etc.”

She admits that she didn’t really want to throw support behind many of the brands she likes using, instead she described what the products do, encouraging followers to find what works for them.

“The biggest factors that I think help *my* skin (everyone’s skin is different! and your same skin changes too) I don’t wear full-coverage foundation (only tinted moisturizers and bb creams); I keep wipes next to my bed and at the very least wipe it off; and I have a multi-step skincare routine. I do indulge on this a little since I don’t buy a lot of makeup beyond my staples.”

Here’s the breakdown of her steps:

1. Double Cleansing- Cleanse with a balm or oil to melt off the makeup and then use a usual soapy cleaner to wash your skin

2. Toner and Actives- Toner should not have alcohol in it. It should feel like water but more. nourishing. Actives are basically serums with active compounds

3. Moisturizer and Sunscreen- Use a moisturizer that works with your skin. She calls sunscreen, “the most important thing”

While she doesn’t use a lot of makeup on the daily, she isn’t shy to say that sometimes she opts to wear none at all!

“I also straight up don’t wear makeup some days and everyone just has to deal with it.”