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When Babba Rivera hops on our Zoom call toward the end of October, the Ceremonia founder is wrapped up in blankets and looking cozy. She’s in her house in upstate New York, a place she retreats to on the weekends, and where she and her family carve out time and [...]


And she’s doing the work to make it happen. When Zoë Saldaña appears on Zoom, she doesn’t look like someone who just spent hours at a photo shoot. Wearing an oversized button-down with her slicked-back hair parted down the middle, she looks relaxed, radiant, and content, as though she’s been [...]


Whether you’re riding solo, going out with friends, or staying in with your partner(s), this year, Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to make a day, or night, out of a regular Monday. You don’t need to be in love to celebrate it, you just need a love for life. [...]