Bianca de la Garza Shares Secrets To Her Perfect GLO

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It’s winter and with a major chill in the air of most cities, it’s easy to wish away your days in anticipation of the summer sun.

But television personality and entreprenuer Bianca de la Garza says you can glow all year long, with the help of her magical, new beauty product aptly named In GLO We Trust.

Tell me all about In GLO We Trust and what we’ll find inside.

This serum is a unique formula I’ve spent years developing. It was 2016 and I was trying give my skin a break between TV projects. I didn’t want to go out barefaced but foundation was just too heavy, tinted moisturizers too greasy.

I wanted my skin to have a natural gorgeous glow. When I tried highlighters they were all way too sparkly for a daytime, all-over application.

Plus they didn’t give any skincare benefit to my face. That’s how I created In GLO We Trust.

I felt if anything was worth applying to my face it needed to also do double duty as a treatment . Using ultra-fine light reflecting micas for luminosity I’ve also packed the serum with preventative active ingredients that multitask while you just go about your day!

You put a lot of thought into what ingredients. Why was this important to you?

It was about all my skin. I had been unkind to it over the years by wearing heavy products on camera.

I didn’t exactly baby my face, and it takes a toll. Plus we are all so busy it’s hard to commit to lengthy and expensive skincare regimes. I realized it was time to create a simple, vegan,non-gmo, quality skincare product fused with makeup.

Our exclusive BDG Beauty Complex TM will improve prior skin damage and prevent and combat further issues. I’m so excited to unveil the other items from our In GLO We Trust collection.

We offer instant benefits and long-term skin pampering with cutting edge, premium ingredients.

Who needs this product and how should they use it?

It’s designed for all skin types and with 3 shades it really covers the full range of skin tones. It’s meant to be work alone and all over the face to give a veil-like coverage and instant luminosity and radiance to your skin.

It can be worn over or under foundation if you want more coverage. I chose a pump applicator wand that means no mess for the modern woman on the go.

It’s easy to keep in your purse at daytime and fits a small clutch at night.

How does a person select which shade works best for them?

Golden will work for most skin tones. Copper is a gorgeous deep shade for darker skin tones or if your tan.

Pearl is for fair skin and is a bit more of a cool tint. I can actually made them to mix and match, so you can play with them.

Beauty is supposed to be fun. We are not about covering up but enhancing your inner GLO!

How difficult was this for you from inception to product release? What were your challenges?

Bringing a product to market can be a long and involved process. I had tried so many products once the years I knew that whatever had my name must deliver. It was about efficacy and quality.

As a result I kept tweaking the serum. Hand selecting ingredients that go into our exclusive proprietary BDG Beauty Complex TM.

I guess my challenge was being a perfectionist but it’s worth it. Now I believe we’ve created a revolutionary product that also speaks directly to our consumer.

She is a woman who wants to define beauty for herself and not allow mass media to define it for her because she trusts her inner glow.

Also as a mom, I want that message of inclusivity and compassion to be a new era we usher in for beauty.

Do you have any tips for Latinas that have an idea but don’t know what to do?

I love supporting other Latina entrepreneurs because we are definitely able to breathe life into so many businesses with out culture of warmth and passion. My advice is to go for their dreams. As a daughter of a Mexican immigrant I know we have what it takes to build new ventures despite any challenges.

Reach out to find mentors, stay curious and work hard. It’s a recipe for success!

Why does In GLO We Trust  make an excellent gift this holiday season?

It’s always fun to try a new product so of course this being our first holiday you get to be among the first to enjoy this very unique serum.

Bottom line, I believe all women deserve quality skincare and a price that is of value. We are a treatment for all ages that will be more than a gift that sparkles briefly.

We are here to keep you GLO-ing for good.