Friday Film Roundup: ‘The Nun II,’ ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,’ ‘Good Boy,’ and More

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  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. Courtesy of Focus Features

If you’re Latino, love horror movies, sequels, or movies in general, this is going to be a pretty great week (especially if you live in New York). There is no shortage of interesting new offerings this weekend and just about all of them look like must-sees for any diehard movie buff. Highly-anticipated sequels will sit alongside underground genre films, classic documentaries, and a lot of Latino leads.

“The Nun II” (In Theaters)

The long-awaited sequel to 2018’s “The Nun” relocates Valak to France, where her reign of terror continues as she follows Sister Irene (played by Taissa Farmiga) from the first film. Somehow, this demonic nun has become one of the most popular characters in the entire “Conjuring” universe, which introduced audiences to some now-iconic supernatural villains, including Annabelle the doll and Bathsheba the Witch.

Directed by Portuguese filmmaker Michael Chaves, his latest work within the “Conjuring”-verse marks his third outing in the franchise, following “The Curse of La Llorona” and “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.” In fact, all of Chaves’ feature films are set in the “Conjuring”-verse and he seems to be the frontrunner to take the reigns from Conjuring director James Wan. With that in mind, fans of this particular cinematic universe should check out “The Nun II” to see where the franchise may be going from here.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” (In Theaters)

Who knew that “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” would spawn not one but two sequels over the course of more than two decades? Although the first movie will always be the beloved classic of the bunch, this threequel takes a page from the “Mamma Mia” book and transplants the characters to Greece for the first time in the franchise.

This time, the big, fat Greek family is traveling to the motherland for a massive family reunion. However, franchise lead Toula (played by Nia Vardolos, who also wrote each of the films) takes some time to track down her late father’s friends to learn more about a man she loved dearly and continues to miss. At this point, the franchise is in fans-only territory, but those who love the characters will most likely not be disappointed with this latest (and possibly final) outing.

“Good Boy” (On Demand)

Alright, it’s time to get weird. The aptly-titled “Good Boy” is very much a movie of the moment, following a woman named Sigrid (played by Katrine Lovise Øpstad Fredriksen) who meets the man of her dreams on a dating app. However, things get a bit complicated when it turns out that his roommate, Frank, spends all of his time acting like and dressed up as a dog. Those familiar with the term “puppy play” know how horrifying this movie is going to be. However, if you’re lucky enough to have been spared from this particular discourse, consider this an introduction to one of the more obscure fetishes out there right now.

“Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” (In Theaters)

Based on the popular novel by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, “Aristotle and Dante” follows two Mexican-American friends in El Paso in the mid-1980s as they navigate the trials and tribulations of life, love, and friendship. Written and directed by Latina filmmaker Aitch Alberto, the film was a favorite at some pretty major festivals, debuting at Toronto International Film Festival in 2022 to widespread acclaim. It’s rare that we get films about Latinos that are actually made by and star Latinos. Since we make up nearly 30% of all moviegoers in the United States, it’s important we take some time to support films that feature some genuine representation.

And if you’re in New York…

“Mutt” (Film Forum)

This LGBTQ drama, which follows a trans man who reflects on his own life after encountering three people from his past, is premiering at New York’s Film Forum this week.

“The First Year” (Anthology Film Archives)

Elsewhere, Anthology Film Archives is showcasing a newly-remastered 1972 documentary by Patricio Guzmán that charts the first year of Chile’s democratically-elected, socialist president Salvador Allende, who led the country for a little more than three years before fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet’s rise to power in 1973. If you’re interested in seeing more of Guzmán’s films, IFC Center is doing a complementary retrospective featuring four more of the director’s films.

“Hello Dankness” (Film Forum)

Made during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Hello Dankness” uses archival footage, popular movies and TV shows, news reports, and more to chart the rise of Donald Trump and the introduction of his more overtly fascist administration in 2016.

Josef Rodriguez is a writer, filmmaker, and film critic living in New York City.