Jennifer Lopez’s New Album “This Is Me…Now” Is Her Most Empowering and Personal Project Yet

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Regardless of musical preferences, Jennifer Lopez undeniably stands as an icon in her own right. Her creativity, hard work and determination in the entertainment industry have propelled her to worldwide success. As a Latina who began her career dancing in the late ‘80s, J.Lo has proved that anything is possible. Despite varying opinions on the Bronx native, her accomplishments and creative prowess continue to highlight her immense power.

That’s why her new album, “This Is Me…Now,” particularly stands out — it’s the sequel to her third studio album, “This Is Me…Then,” released in November 2002. It details a personal journey of growth, healing, self-acceptance and finding love with both others and most importantly, oneself.

How are “This Is Me…Then” and “This is Me…Now” connected?

The connection between “This Is Me…Then” and “This Is Me…Now” lies in Lopez’s visionary perspective two decades ago. “This Is Me…Then” was initially conceived as a personal love letter to her future self, which is her present-day reality. It can be viewed as a public diary, documenting a specific chapter in her life. 

Released in 2002 when Lopez, now 54, was 33, the album captured the highs and lows of both her professional and personal life. At the time, she was engaged to Ben Affleck, whose influence heavily shaped the project, even starring in the music video for “Jenny from the Block,” which achieved instant classic status.

“This Is Me…Then” was crafted with foresight, as Lopez expressed in a 2002 interview discussing the album. “If I gave this album to my kids, let’s say, in 20 years from now, I’ll be like this is me…then,” she said in a 2002 clip describing the LP. She envisioned it as a gift to her future self, providing insight into her preferences, music tastes, aspirations and emotional state at the time.

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Is “This is Me…Now” an album and a movie?

“This Is Me…Now” is both an album and a musical film, constituting a three-part project chronicling Lopez’s life journey. This includes her rekindled romance with Affleck, culminating in their marriage in July 2022, following their initial engagement’s dissolution in 2004. Additionally, the project includes a documentary titled “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” which also serves as the closing track of the album.

Released on Friday, February 16, 2024, “This Is Me…Now” marks Lopez’s ninth studio album and her first in nearly a decade. With 13 tracks and 16 on the deluxe version, the album offers fans a glimpse into Lopez’s evolution and important life lessons. In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Lopez described the album as more than a celebration of love and second chances, emphasizing its deeper narrative and the decision to complement it with a documentary film.

The accompanying musical film, “This Is Me…Now: A Love Story,” described by Prime Video as a “narrative-driven cinematic odyssey rooted in mythological storytelling and personal healing,” boasts a star-studded cast including Lopez, Affleck, Sofia Vergara, Trevor Noah, Kim Petras, Fat Joe and others.

Listeners can stream “This Is Me…Now” the album below and watch the musical film on Prime Video. Additionally, the documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” directed by Affleck, is set to release on February 27 via Prime Video.

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