Jodosky Champions Body Positivity with “Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean?”

LATINA EXCLUSIVEBy 2022-03-08T20:14:38-05:00July 22nd, 2021|
  • Jodosky in the video for his new track: "Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean?"

Puerto Rican rapper-producer Jodosky, praised for his old-school take on reggaetón, champions body positivity in his new track encouraging plus sized people to feel sexy and confident in their own bodies by dancing reggaetón. His single, “Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean?” comes out Friday, July 23 and Latina has a first-look at the new music video, below.


Today, Jodosky is the only Latinx artist championing body positivity from the male perspective. Hailing from Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, Jodosky is a signee of famed producer Tainy, also Puerto Rican.

“’Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean?’ is a song I want to dedicate to all the plus sized people who are happy and live their lives without any insecurities about being big. Despite the humorous side of the record, it has an anti-discriminatory message focused on acceptance. Go to the club, twerk and give that plus sized person a chance and you’ll see you won’t regret it. I feel it’s the first time someone in the Latin space takes obesity into consideration in a song. I’ve been big my whole life and I’m aware my health is first, but I want to be happy and comfortable with myself more than anything,” explains Jodosky about the inspiration behind the song.

Beyond this record, the artist-producer wants to continue the discussion around body image and positivity in order to motivate his fans to feel confident: from dancing to confidence to fashion to beauty standards.