Let’s Glow: 5 Minutes With Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Jamie Moreno

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The fall season is upon us and as we say goodbye to sunny days, know we don’t have to lose our warm glow anytime soon.

We had a quick 5 minutes chat with Anastasia Beverly Hills Artistry Trainer Jamie Moreno about how we can shine bright like a diamond no matter the temperatures outside. The brand recently released a collection of powder bronzers that will have you convinced they’ve found a way to package your inner glow.

There’s already a little chill in the air which means we’re getting ready to say goodbye to summer. How can we keep our summer glow all year round?

Bronzers! Bronzers are the perfect year-round must have for your makeup wardrobe.

You guys have a beautiful collection of bronzers. What tips can you share when picking out our perfect shade?

When picking a perfect shade of bronzer, grab 3 shades slightly darker then complexion. Next swatch on inside of wrist and watch colors change.

The goal is “gold.” Stay away from colors that are too orange or begin to turn “muddy.”

Share a tip about how to use bronzer we’ve probably never heard before?

Pro-tip for bronzer is using it as eye shadow! It’s the perfect lid or crease shade to complete a bronzy look.

What makes Anastasia’s bronzers stand-out from the rest?

ABH bronzers are silky, high pigmented bronzers that suit all skin tones. The shade selection makes them stand out within the bronzer market.

How can we get that sun-kissed look on our bodies using your bronzers?

Absolutely, bronzers are perfect for the body. When applying make sure to use a large fluffy brush, applying bronzer from neck to décolleté and so on.

Are bronzers here to replace blush or should we be using them together?

Bronzer and blush are made to work together. While bronzer gives us that sun-kissed vibe, we still need blush for a complete look.