‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Star Eréndira Ibarra Talks Imposter Syndrome and Orgullo Mexicano

2022-01-13T19:19:36-05:00Culture|LA PRIMERA VEZ 

Growing up, Eréndira Ibarra looked up to the character “Trinity” from “The Matrix” (1999). Today, Eréndira stars as “Lexy” in “The Matrix Resurrections” (2021). To mark the film’s release, the Mexican actress sat down with LPV host Christina Reid for a Matrix-themed episode of #LaPrimeraVez. The two talked about Eréndira’s creative relationship with Lana Wachowski, as well as her journey to overcome imposter syndrome and shine in her kickass role in re-launched The Matrix franchise. Eréndira also touches on personal revelations in 2021, abiding by the mantra of “Love is the genesis of everything” and her orgullo mexicano.