New Music Picks: Ambar Lucid, Camila Cabello, Jesse y Joy and More

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Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music. This week’s list features four Latin artists in the LGBTQ+ community. Dominican-Mexican singer Ambar Lucid sings about her crush in “Girl Ur So Pretty” and Solomon Ray interpolates an Ace of Base classic in “Quiero Tu Amor.” Mexican duo Jesse y Joy return with their new album “Cliches” and María Becerra goes galactic with Camila Cabello.

Also on the list, Spanish pop star Belinda embraces EDM in “Colorblind,” Sech returns with “Noche De Teteo,” and Camilo introduces his daughter Indigo in “Pegao.” Plus, new songs from emerging artists like Mexican singer Katia Morales and Colombian singer-songwriter BLESSD.

Jesse y Joy, “Cliches”

Jesse y Joy have returned with their new album “Cliches.” There’s actually nothing cliché about the Mexican sibling duo’s 15-track LP. Jesse y Joy continue to push Latin pop music to exciting and new places. They embrace electro-pop in the electrifying single “Imagina.” Because Joy Huerta is an openly queer artist, this song can also double as LGBTQ+ anthem. “Without caring what others will say / Put your hands on me,” she sings in Spanish. The album also includes songs like the breathtaking ballad “Respira” and the pop-punk banger “Llórale A Tu Madre.” This is Jesse y Joy’s most adventurous collection of songs yet.

Camila Cabello and María Becerra, “Hasta Los Dientes”

Camila Cabello has released the music video for the best song on her “Familia” album. She teamed up with Argentine pop star María Becerra for the spacey “Hasta Los Dientes.” In the dreamy disco-pop track, Cabello and Becerra sing about romances that got them shaking down to their chattering teeth. The music video is cute and kitschy with both women presented as the biggest stars on Mars. They up their fabulousness game with seemingly drag-influenced looks that include multi-colored wigs and fierce dresses. Cabello and Becerra, who is an openly bisexual artist, are serving fashion and swagger that’s out of this world. Shantay, they both slayed.

Ambar Lucid, “Girl Ur So Pretty”

Dominican-Mexican artist Ambar Lucid is embracing life as her alter ego Estrella in “Girl Ur So Pretty.” Estrella is inspired by a character that appears on Tarot cards. The rising alternative singer-songwriter celebrates her Latina roots by singing in English and Spanish. As an openly queer artist, Lucid sings about the girl of her eye that has her hypnotized. “I’ll treat you better than your boy could,” she boasts in the spellbinding love song. “Inspired by the color pink, sparkles, and characters like Rue and Jules from ‘Euphoria,’ [this song] is the first introduction to Estrella, the bold and confident woman I am becoming, fully embracing and owning my fluidity, identity, and self-confidence,” Lucid told LATINA. Her Estrella Tour kicks off in the U.S. next month. 

Solomon Ray, “Quiero Tu Amor”

Mexican-American singer Solomon Ray is back with his new single “Quiero Tu Amor.” The song marks his first release since he dropped the “La Mala Introduccion” EP in 2020. Ray has become a powerful voice from the LGBTQ+ community in reggaeton music, and he continues to push the genre to new places in this sexy and sophisticated track. Ray also manages to seamlessly work in a sample of Ace of Base’s nineties hit “All That She Wants.” “A lot of reggaeton songs are about sex and passion, and all my songs tend to be about the opposite,” Ray told LATINA. “I wrote this song about wanting someone to love me, beyond sex.” The song will be included on his farewell EP that’s dropping July 1.

Sech, “Noche De Teteo”

Panamanian superstar Sech has returned with his first new single of the year. He’s once again bringing his soulful sound to the club in “Noche De Teteo.” In the sentimental reggaeton track, Sech sings about shaking off the feelings for an ex on the dance floor. Towards the end, the song explodes into an absolute banger when the dembow beats drop. Sech knows how to touch hearts and get bodies moving at the same time with his music. He will appear on the upcoming MTV series “De La Calle” alongside artists like Nicky Jam, Ivy Queen, Snow Tha Product, and Goyo of ChocQuibTown. The show will cover the Latin music revolution through genres like reggaeton, bachata, hip-hop, and cumbia. 

Belinda, “Colorblind”

Belinda is continuing to release new music from her Netflix series “Bienvenidos a Edén” (“Welcome to Eden”). The Spanish pop icon dropped her latest single “Colorblind” that was featured in the show. Her character África can be seen spinning the song in a club. While the first song “Eden” was a cinematic ballad, Belinda comes through with a future summer anthem in “Colorblind.” Embracing elements of EDM, tropical house beats soundtrack her stunning love song. “Who I’ve been is not who I am anymore,” she sings. “Colorblind” is about starting fresh in a relationship. As Belinda re-enters the music industry, she’s making sure to keep her pop music refreshing.

Katia Morales, “Lento”

Mexican social media influencer Katia Morales is continuing to translate her success into a promising music career. She is most known as part of Team JukiLop, a group of Mexican influencers that also includes Kimberly Loaiza, JD Pantoja, El Super Trucha and Francisco Alvarado. Morales shines solo with her new single “Lento.” She seamlessly blends banda music with a reggaeton edge. In the regional Mexican music banger, Morales sings about tearing up the dance floor. She brings that fantasy to life in the music video while capturing the attention of the guys in the club. With over 30 million followers across her social media platforms, she has become one of the most popular influencers in Mexico.


BLESSD represents the new wave of reggaeton artists emerging from Colombia. As fellow Colombian singer Feid told LATINA earlier this month, BLESSD is one of the most promising new voices coming from Medellín. For his new single “10 PM,” BLESSD comes out of left field with a song that blends ranchera and reggaeton influences. In the alluring love song, he sings about a hot-and-heavy romance that blossoms in a bar. BLESSD brings the romance behind the song to life with a music video that includes him standing among a bunch of vaqueros. Earlier this week, BLESSD celebrated hitting No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart with his song “Medallo” featuring Justin Quiles and Lenny Tavárez.

Camilo, “Pegao”

Camilo’s newborn daughter Indigo is making her first appearance in one of his music videos. In April, the Colombian singer-songwriter became a father when his wife Evaluna Montaner gave birth to Indigo. In the video for “Pegao,” Camilo dances around their house and walks with Indigo while she’s in her stroller. The song is a quirky cumbia track in which he sings about being stuck to his partner on the dance floor like “la olla de arroz.” It’s one of Camilo’s most sultry performances as he runs through a list of inseparable items. “Pegao” will be included on Camilo’s album “De Adentro Pa’ Fuera” that’s due out in September. He’s currently filming the reality show “Los Montaner” with Evaluna, his brothers-in-law Mau y Ricky and his father-in-law Ricardo Montaner. His U.S. tour kicks off in August.